26. Evidence

“I do not wish to study in a place where I have such a threat from people like her,” Asher said, “I demand that she is kicked out of here.”

Suddenly, I felt as though the life that I managed to build for myself was shattering before my eyes. With the Alpha involved, he posed a great threat to my scholarship. If that was revoked, I would again have to depend on the Stones for my education and there was no chance in hell that they would support me. They were merely waiting for a chance to ruin my life, and I had presented it to them on a silver platter.

How stupid had I been to think this was a good idea! If only I had stopped myself yesterday from going to the Principal’s office. It wasn’t like what Asher had done was anything new to me. I had been mentally and physically abused all my life. If I had endured it a little longer, I would have had the opportunity to get away from here once and for all. Now I lost the only chunk of hope I held on to in life.

I was back to square one.

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