Passionate Devotion: Master Fudd's Beloved Wife

Passionate Devotion: Master Fudd's Beloved Wife

By:  Oeste de la Luna  Completed
Language: English
1019 ratings
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She accepted a humiliating request to save her family business. Her father had tragically died after her pregnancy, and her fiance conspired with her stepsister to chase her out from the Mont family. Returning three years later, she had no choice but to provoke the arrogant man to reclaim her late father's villa. However, she was cornered by the man. Trembling, she said, "Mr Fudd, I didn't mean to offend you..." He pondered for a moment and said, "It's too late, I need compensation." Why was he grdually turning the fake marriage into reality? She blushed but he did not care. Amused, he frowned and stared at her. "You have children, what's the point of being so reserved?" With wide eyes, the cute munchkin standing next to her held her hand and said, "Mummy, I want a little brother!"

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can't stop reading...... love it
2021-12-06 01:27:14
user avatar
adebola iyiola
love the book quite interesting
2021-12-06 00:53:56
default avatar
nice and interesting hope its gonna end well tho
2021-12-05 00:04:21
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Darryl Tolonics
loved the book but the ending is not pleasant at all. I guess the author and the management had a disagreement regarding the payment. which end up with an horrible ending. but all and all I'll given the author a perfect # 10. Thank you author.
2021-10-26 02:28:58
user avatar
Asteme Menguito
where to find this book
2021-08-13 03:56:43
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Andrei Morrissey Anica Mignonette
How can i give gems to this book?
2021-07-31 02:46:12
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Melanie Clement
very good book I enjoyed it didn't like the ending
2021-07-30 00:45:48
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great book like the recap added in the end
2021-06-21 03:34:33
user avatar
so nice to read more and more
2021-06-11 15:49:07
user avatar
I quite love this book. From beginning to end how the scenes were laid out and concluded was well organized and also left a window open for further continuation of these relationship stories. Well done. Highly recommended
2021-06-10 02:17:29
user avatar
Pamela Denise Robi
Wonderful book loved it in joy terrible ending wish you could do better on it looking for more chapters please finish this book I know it's not done can't be
2021-05-15 02:53:22
default avatar
This was a good book but the way it ended abruptly left it unfinished
2021-05-07 18:25:26
default avatar
Bunnie Chapman
Still waiting for more chapters. It’s been several weeks since the last chapters were available
2021-04-28 10:42:39
user avatar
Anju bhatt
Every time I open a book it automatically unlock the chapter...can anyone tell me how can I fix this problem
2021-04-19 20:49:50
user avatar
Myrna Rosaldo
why is it theres no latest update witj the story no new chapter to be open for almost 3 days
2021-04-12 16:19:51
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2215 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Verian Mont, 21 years old, a graduate from North City University, never been in a relationship, healthy…”The man sitting across her closed the file after reading the document. His eyebrows twitched, and he asked, “Are you sure you want to be a surrogate?”Verian Mont clutched the hem of her dress with looks of worry and anxiety. Then, she said, “I’m very sure. I need this money.”“How much do you need?”Startled, she muttered softly and said, “10…10 million.”His frown deepened. “This must be kept a secret. Thus, you are not allowed to leave this place throughout the 10 months of pregnancy until birth. Also, you are prohibited from contacting anyone. Are you able to do it?”Verian Mont’s knuckles turned white from clenching her fists too hard. She took a deep breath. Trembling, she said, “I…, I will promise you, but on one condition.”“Say it.”“After signing this agreement, I want 10 million to be deposited into this account as soon as I get pregnant. I need it urgently.”‘Hah, I r
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Chapter 2
“Verian Mont! Why are you here?”Suddenly, the cold voice of a middle-aged woman resonated across the room. She turned around and saw her stepmother, Queena Sheen, walking in from outside.The scumbag couple upstairs looked down as they heard the commotion.A hint of panic flashed across Jensen’s eyes. “Verian, you, why are you back?”Verian Mont sneered and stared at Jensen. “This is my house, why can’t I come back?”Wanelle Sheen, who was still in Jensen’s embrace, raised the corner of her red lips and scoffed, “Your house? This villa does not belong to the Mont Family anymore.”Verian Mont frowned, “What do you mean?”Dressed in a mini skirt and high heels, Wanelle Sheen walked down the stairs. “Your father, Grayson Mont, committed suicide by jumping off a building 10 months ago. He left behind a huge pile of debt. This villa would have been mortgaged if it wasn’t for my mother! Thus, this house does not belong to the Mont Family anymore. It is now the property of the Sheen’s Family
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Chapter 3
The driver immediately got out of the car and carried the limp body into the car. It was then that he realized she was carrying an urn.How unlucky…The driver tugged the urn from her hand, but it did not budge. Hesitantly, he looked at the man sitting beside him with trembling eyes. “Pre… President Fudd, this…”The man cast a cold glance at the urn in the woman’s embrace. He said calmly, “Just drive.”The driver quickly went back to his seat and restarted the car.The heavy rain took a turn for the worse as the sky gradually grew darker.The interior of the car was dim. Heaton Fudd lowered his gaze and looked at the woman lying next to him. Her long, black hair was soaked and stuck to her pallid, palm-sized face with blood still trickling down from the wound on her pale arm. She looked fragile and battered.It did not seem like she was trying to feign an accident.The heavy rain made the road slippery and the surroundings foggy. As the driver made a sharp turn, the petite woman was th
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Chapter 4
Three years later, at North City Airport, a news flash was broadcasted in the hall.“North City’s latest financial news: Fudd Enterprise bought out the land along Navy Road and is planning to build a large-scale entertainment center in the area. It was reported that Navy Road was surrounded by wealthy neighborhoods. Demolition will be a difficult issue as there are a lot of high-class residential and villas in the area. Today, we are honored to interview the CEO of Fudd’s Group, Heaton Fudd. Let’s take a look at how he will solve this problem.”Verian Mont was attracted by the massive screen in the hall as soon as she disembarked the plane.A man dressed in a gray suit and a black tie appeared on the screen. He had porcelain skin but did not look girly at all. He was very handsome and had well defined facial features. His cold aura was unforgettable.The man’s clasped hands rested on his lap and he was calm when facing the camera. A faint smile spread across his thin lips. “Nobody will
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Chapter 5
It was 8pm. Guin brought Verian, who was well dressed up, to the grandeur dinner party.A row of identical limited edition luxury cars were parked outside the venue. Those who attended the party were all wealthy and influential people like presidents, socialites, and scions. Of course, there were also exceptions like Verian Mont, the famous damsel in distress of North City.Although the incident was over, some past could not be that easily erased from people’s hearts.Guin pointed at a tall figure who was standing not far away from them and whispered to Verian, “That is Heaton Fudd, do you want to talk to him? However, Rainie, let me give you a gentle advice, think twice before you act.”Glamour shrouded the man. He was surrounded by gorgeous and outstanding women.Verian took a deep breath and the corner of her lips curled up into a faint smile. She grabbed a glass of champagne and was about to walk toward the man in her high heels. Suddenly, Guin grabbed her arm. “Are you going to ap
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Chapter 6
A black Maybach drove past two rows of tall Chinese parasol trees and arrived at the Fudd’s mansion hidden among them.Shrouded by the dark night, the Fudd’s mansion appeared more solemn and lofty than ever.Heaton Fudd entered the house and saw John Fudd sitting on the sofa in the living room. He greeted politely, “Father.”John Fudd’s hoary hand was clutching onto his crutch as he snorted coldly, “If you see me as your father, find yourself a wife quickly. Find Little Jelly Bean a mother! Don’t wait until I’m dead and you’re still not married!”For the past three years, John’s biggest complaint about Heaton was none other than him failing to find girlfriend and getting married. Recently, the old man had been urging him to get married frequently.Heaton dealt with the situation calmly. “I’m fine with the daughters from the Quinn, Zharko, Lewis, and Sullivan family. I don’t mind marrying anybody. However, you do know that Little Jelly Bean doesn’t like those ladies at all.”Fueled by a
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Chapter 7
It was 10 am the next morning. Verian saw a crowd of people in the hall on the first floor as soon as she stepped into the Fudd’s Group. They were all holding onto their resumes, waiting in line to attend the job interview. Strangely, about 99% of the interviewees were women. Moreover, they were young and pretty.A slight frown knit Verian’s brows together. ‘Is it a special day today? Why are there so many job applicants?”“Excuse me, are you guys here for the interview?”Donning a pink mini skirt, a young and tender lady looked Verian up and down and said, “You’re also here for the interview? You dress like an old-fashioned nun, do you think President Fudd will fancy you?”Verian was left speechless. “,,,”Subconsciously, Verian took a look at her attire. She was wearing the most common outfit one would wear to an interview; a white blouse tucked in a hip skirt and a pair of simple 3centimeters heels. How could she look like a nun?A person in charge came over to handle the interview
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Chapter 8
“President Fudd, please watch yourself!”Heaton stared at her flushed face tinged with anger with an indifferent gaze. He lowered his head, bringing his head next to her ear. Then, he started to speak unhurriedly, “Miss Mont said that I’m a businessman. Businessmen seek nothing but profits; we don’t trade at a loss. What do you have that is worth enough to be exchanged with the villa?”His deep voice was cold and thin. His fathomless dark eyes stared straight at her side face. He spoke the words
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Chapter 9
‘The envelope should be holding hair samples both from the woman and Little Jelly Bean...”Nancy went into the office. “This is the final draft. Take a look, if there’s no problem, sign it.”Heaton took over the document, glanced through it, picked up his black pen and signed his name with a flourish.She took a deep breath. Unable to hold back herself, she asked, “I saw Zander and a few people busy interviewing girls since this morning to find you a wife. Are you sure you want to hire a wife? H
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Chapter 10
Verian heaved a sigh and sat down beside Little Jelly Bean. She looked at her and said, “Your name is Little Jelly Bean, am I right?”The little munchkin frowned and glared at her. “Did the principal tell you my name?”“You’re so cute and you have such a nice name. Why are you fighting with the other kids?”Little Jelly Bean crossed her arms. “Hmphh! They all said that I’m a liar! Jelly Bean doesn’t lie! They don’t want to play with me; I don’t want to play with them too!”The little munchkin tu
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