The Alpha Triplets' Human Mate

The Alpha Triplets' Human Mate

By:  Eury Celestine  Ongoing
Language: English
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For Ginny, graduation day should have marked the end of one chapter of her life. Little did she know, her mother's announcement on that day would bring her into the whirlwind of surprises and challenges.When Ginny's mother revealed her remarriage with Fernando Stevens, Ginny's world turned upside down. The idea of her mother finding happiness was heartwarming, but the shock came when she met her soon-to-be stepfather and discovered he had identical triplets as sons. Triplets who were strangely familiar, and not in a good way. As they moved into their family villa, Ginny's mother dropped the bombshell: these triplets were her high school tormentors, the bullies who had haunted her for four years, leaving scars that still haunted her. And worse, one of them had taken her virginity. But life has a way of surprising us, and the triplets were not the same people they once were. They sought forgiveness, genuinely remorseful for their immature actions in high school. Ginny, however, couldn't easily forgive the traumas of the past. As Ginny tries to navigate her complex emotions, she discovers their real identities. In a world of supernatural beings, where werewolves exist, Ginny's life becomes a treacherous dance between her feelings for the triplets and the danger lurking in the shadows. Will Ginny choose love and forgiveness or revenge?

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1: Triplets.
In a dark forest where crickets are the only one’s creating noise, three boys are standing in front of me. They were all oozing hot and handsome. Based on their facial features, they were identical triplets with their lean and wide shoulders, and a height of almost 6’ flat. It was such a nice view to have masculine handsome guys in front of me, but what surprised me is when hairs started to grow all over their bodies, particularly to their faces. I stepped back as I became so confused at what was happening… Until they started to grow bigger and taller! Fear ran through my chest and I started trembling. “What the hell?!” I shouted. “Get away from me!” But no one responded. The three of them started to turn into a wild animal; werewolves to be exact! They all growl together which sends shivers down my spine. I trembled more! And what shocked me the most is when they opened their mouths, revealing their sharp fangs. With my body still trembling and cold because of nervousness, I quick
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Chapter 2: High School Classmates.
A week later, instead of letting me find a job, Mom decided to postpone that. We are now on the way to move to the mansion of Stevens. All of these were still surprising and were new to me. I can’t believe that we were moving in over a hundred kilometers away from our previous house! I don’t know why my Mom was so brave to enter into this kind of relationship! “Why do you look so nervous, Munchkin?” Mom asked. I returned my attention to her. “Mom, who wouldn’t be nervous? What if we’re moving into a murderer’s house?” Mom scoffed. “Murderer’s house?” “Yes! Look at how big they were! I’m scared of what might happen. What if we didn’t get along with them? They can easily abuse us!” But instead of getting scared, Mom just laughed at me. “Oh my sweetheart, you’re overly thinking. Don’t worry, they are not like that.” As soon as the car parked in front of the mansion, all of my worries faded away as I was amazed by how huge it was. I came from a noble family and we had a mansion too,
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Chapter 3: Bully.
I still can remember what happened six years ago… it still haunts me even in my nightmares. How can I forget those dark days of my life? Holding my books as I walked in the pathwalk of our school campus, I heard someone whimpering. “P-please… stop doing this to me…” A familiar voice made me stop walking. I know that voice, but because it was too weak, I can’t remember. I tried to find where the voice was coming from, and I heard it from the corner of the mini garden in our school. Then I heard male laughing. Like they are having so much fun! My blood boiled when I realized whose voice was that. That’s Mitchell's, my best friend! I quickly ran towards that spot and saw her sitting on the ground. When I saw that there’s someone that’s toying her, I hide from behind the tall grasses. With my hands trembling, I took out my phone from the pocket of my jeans and then pressed the video button, it started recording… “Hey, you’re so cute when you’re pleading.” A man’s voice said. Then
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Chapter 4: The Playboy, The Serious, and The Friendly.
Everything that happened was still fresh in my mind. I can still remember how they bullied me. How they made my life a living hell! To the point that I had to plea to Mom to transfer me into another school just to avoid them. And now that they are here with me again, I’m afraid that they will do the same as what they’ve done to me before. But instead of telling this to Mom, I chose to shut my mouth. I don’t want to ruin her happiness just because I have a past with the triplets. After introducing ourselves, we started to eat dinner. I was quiet the whole time, even though Mom and Fernando were talking to the triplets. Like me, Caled was silent, Spencer kept on joking green jokes while Drake was answering Mom politely. “How was my Ginny at school?” Mom asked. I almost choked on my saliva when Mom asked that. “Mom!” I yelped. Mom glanced at me with her smiling face. “What? I was just asking.” “It’s already in the past…” “She’s very innocent, Sharlene,” Spencer smiled. “To be h
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Chapter 5: Punishing Lips.
Caled has never been the kind type of guy in our school before. Despite being silent, he was the ruthless among them. If I wasn’t able to plead mercy towards Spencer, on Caled, I was able, only in another condition. “W-what are you doing here?” I asked, stuttering. Looking into his dark blue eyes, I was completely dazed. My fear towards him is more dominant than the other two brothers because of an unknown reason. Maybe because he was taller and leaner. And the way his sharp jaw clenched as he opened the door widely to enter my room, my legs wobble. He sniffles the scent inside of my bedroom before he closes the door behind him and fully claims my eyes on him. “This room comes to life just right after you occupy this,” he smirked. Leaning towards me as I tried to step back. And right when the back of my knees touched the edge of the bed, I fell. Now he was towering towards me while I looked up at his height. “W-what the heck are you doing here?” Another stutter came out of my m
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Chapter 6: Mind If I Join You?
I just got up from my nightmare that was caused by Caled, and here I am, walking towards the door to open it for one of them. As soon as I opened the door, Drake greeted me with a smile. I won’t deny the fact that he is handsome. His gray orbs looked so friendly while looking at me. I know he was the kindest among the three brothers but he was a coward. Drake is always tailing his brothers because he was afraid without them… “Good morning, little sister!” “What are you doing here?” I asked, raising my brow. Drake scanned me down from my toe, then his eyes landed on my chest before he looked up into my face. I got conscious and I instinctively covered my chest! I forgot I hadn’t worn a bra! “What the heck?” I yelped. “Go and change, I’ll wait for you here. Dad and Mom are waiting for us…” “Mom?” I smirked. “You’re calling my Mom, Mom?” He nodded. “Of course, she is my Mom now. They got married, remember?” I sighed and rolled my eyes before I shut the door right into his face.
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Chapter 7: Werewolves.
“What the hell are you talking about? Don't you dare follow me in my bedroom!” I shouted. Hearing that from him, I almost remembered the perverted things that he did to me back then. Among the triplets, Spencer is the playboy and his words don't have a filter when it comes to perverted things! And I know what he was talking about even though he didn’t say it directly! “I know what you're thinking, Virginia. Don’t give me that look, you're making me think things that you're thinking,” he chuckled. “My intentions here are real. I want to apologize to you, as your step brother, properly, at least.” I rolled my eyes and smirked. “I know that’s fraud.” He shrugged. “Then don’t believe me! I don’t want to force you. I’m not the type who forces women on me,” he winked. “If you want, you can just ask me and I’ll give whatever you want, baby.” “F*ck off!” I yelped. “I’m willing to do that if you’re asking me.” Instead of giving him my precious time by getting into an argument with him, I
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Chapter 8: Mom Knows.
While tears continuously run down my cheeks, fear evades my whole body as I see how the shifters howling underneath the full moon. It was terrifying! Seeing three werewolves before is enough but now, I know that I was surrounded by them. “M-mom! Mom!” I cried. I remembered my Mom, he was with Fernando! If the triplets are werewolves, then their father must be too! “Ginny!” Another call of my name and I dropped on my knees. My body is trembling in fear, my vision is blurry but I still saw the pair of blue eyes in front of me. He held both my arms as he looked into my eyes, worried. “Ginny, are you okay?” he asked. I was still crying, I was afraid of them. But because my body was so weak, I wasn’t able to push him away when he carried me in his arms. He put my head on his chest and I nuzzled into his musky scent. “I’m sorry,” Caled whispered at the top of my head. He kept on saying sorry to me as he carried me upstairs. I didn't know what was happening until he laid me down on t
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Chapter 9: Felt Like a Dream.
Thankfully, I hadn’t unpacked some of my things that I brought in here, I was able to get my luggage and took my phone and wallet before storming out of my bedroom. The triplets were waiting in front of my bedroom, looking like they were pitiful dogs looking at me with their puppy eyes. “Virginia, don’t do this. Dad will get mad at us,” Spencer said. At least he was wearing clothes now! But the fact that he called me by my real name made me furious. “I don’t care about your father’s anger! I just need to get out of this hell!” I yelled. “Ginny, please don’t do this… if you want you can go tomorrow morning but not now. It was already late at night. If you think we are dangerous, what more outside?” Drake asked. At that moment, I thought about what he said. He had a point but it was impossible that everyone here was like them! "I'm leaving, and no one can stop me!” I exclaimed. “But—” Drake was about to stop me but Caled held his arm. “Let her. If that’s what she wants then let h
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Chapter 10: Confusions.
It took me some time before I realized that what happened last night was real. My step-brothers are werewolves! And I almost died because a werewolf also tried to eat me! I decided to get up from the bed, checked what I was wearing and was horrified to see that I was only wearing my white loose T-shirt and my red panty! Blood rushed through my face as I imagined how I changed into this clothes. Who… the hell did it? Trembling because of a mix emotions of fear and anger, I quickly looked around to find my luggage but I didn’t see it. All of my things were there! To be sure, I strode right into my closet and my face turned pale seeing that all of my clothes and things are back there. Clenching my fists, I looked around the room to find something sharp that I could use for defense. I got a small scissor but it’s fine for as long as I have something to protect myself. The fear in my chest was overwhelming, but I have to get out of this house as soon as possible! However, right after I o
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