12-Return to the Mountian

Emmett’s POV

“I TOUGHT IT WAS A LIE!” Stella’s scream echos all around us, as Luca and I stand in the foyer of the Packhouse, being introduced to the pack. “I slept with you; you are not gay!”

“Honey, green doesn’t work for you, and the whole pack just heard you,” Monica states defending us.

“Please, I’ve had your man too,” Stella spits, before turning and facing me. “I put up with the glances, stares, whispers, all to be yours. And you toss me aside for a … fuck you Emmett, Cullen Wallace.”

Stella storms away, while the rest of the pack blinks at Ed and I.

“Jealousy sucks all around,” Luca booms, breaking the tension, making everyone laugh. “Thank you, Mountain Peak, for raising such an incredible Alpha Wolf. The goddess has never gifted one Alpha male to another, I don’t know what I did to earn such as gift, but I’m blessed to done it.”

Everyone awes and claps. Luca puts his hand on my back and pulls me close.

“You want to kiss me, in front of everyone?” I whisper shocked.

“I’d kis
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