7-Luca Vs. James

Luca’s POV

I hear Uncle Taylor question, why dad is having a difficult time accepting my mate. Now, Uncle Taylor and Dad are like brothers, so this is going to be an interesting conversation.

“Can you ask them to come in, or let me out?” I ask the doctor, who just finished her assessment of my condition.

“Sure, you look good. One more night and we will release you to your mate,” the doctors smiles and leaves.

Emmett is the first through the door and by my bedside.

“Just one more night and I’m all yours,” I tell him.

“Things I’m gonna do to you,” Emmett teases, as I pull him in for a kiss.

“I can’t wait,” I smile. “I assume from all I’ve heard, that my mate and I can’t go the Silver Creek Packhouse?”

My parents stop and mindlink each other.

“We want you home,” my mother states.

“My home is where my mate is. So, if you can’t come to terms with the fact that my mate is male, I’m not coming to Silver Creek,” I sit up, as much as I can. My stomach still sore. “But, when I do return to Silv
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