9-First Night As Mates

**Mature Content Chapter****

Luca’s POV

My dad is acting in a way I don’t understand. He loves Taylor and Cliff. He would lay his life down for Taylor. Taylor isn’t even a Beta by birth!

Taylor and Kassandra’s parents were not mated. Their father was head warrior and their mother an Alpha’s wayward daughter. Their mother left when the twins were only three days old, and my dad was 2 months old. My dad’s mom took the twins into the nursery, with my dad and raised the three of them, until they were 6, as siblings!

Taylor was mated to Kline, my dad’s original Beta. Kline allowed himself to be lead astray and Dad banished him, in favor of Taylor as Beta. When Taylor brought home a warrior from Blood Moon as his mate, the whole pack accepted Cliff as second Beta.

And, honestly, until I ran off and got hurt, Cliff has been a perfect Beta. He kept me alive all these years, despite the rogues who tried to take me down.

I don’t understand my dad.

When I pull it together, after a serious cry, I
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Jessica K
what???!!!! I'm guessing this comment was meant for a different chapter!
goodnovel comment avatar
Luca dad needs to get over it. how do u disrespect the mate bond & tell ur son to take a mistress & cheat on his mate

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