We stood there with the dumbest facial expression as Kevin slowly walked away. "I can't say more than that, but I must go. See you when I get home, Ellie." Just like that, he was gone. 

"Now things just got interesting," Nate said with a hearty smile. 

"You know what. My brain hurts. I can't be doing this right now." I began to head back home. Like a puppy, Nate followed. 

~ Evan

"This design is too cutesy for my taste in this game." I leaned back in the desk chair, intensely focused on the computer. 

"What are you talking about? She is perfect for that part." Jennie excitedly said. 

"This game needs to sell; if you keep putting this idea up, the boss will have to deal with you." The door to our office cracked open, and a small intern peeked his head inside. He excused himself as he walked in, holding our daily coffee. All the staff stopped to gather around Ryan to get their addiction. Dazed, Ryan went to my desk.

"Here's yours... make it just how you like it, Evan." He smiled with his bunny teeth showing. I thanked the intern and told him that he would become us one day until he finished his presentation. Once he does that, he can join the A-team! 

"I promise! I will be ready for my presentation; I need to be here. This is my environment; I was born to create games." Ryan hopped up and down with excitement.

 "I know, bunny, but I can't let you join if your presentation doesn't sell," I said as I began to type.

"I won't let you down!" he said as he returned to his desk. Ryan needs to learn how hard it can be to get to the top. I was a receptionist for years before I got to this position. I do not know, but I made it. Since I was a lead manager, the CEO called us the Dream Team. It sounds suitable for us. Once everything settled down and everyone was doing their work, Jennie's mouth came. I do not want to hear about the gruesome murder that happened. 

There is a rumor about how the body was chopped into pieces and served to rats. That's when I had to end the conversation right there. We are not detectives; we can't put words in people's mouths. "Do we need to talk about this?? The case is over with." I said as I sipped my coffee. "Besides, it is depressing. Nobody wants to know about that."

Ryan jumped up and explained how he loved this kind of thing and would like to see it with his own eyes. Why does he have so much enthusiasm?? I liked it, so I took him to see it. Smiling, he sat back down in his chair. I gulped down my last cup of coffee and went to get another batch. When I entered the breakroom, I saw someone sitting at a table–alone. I had never seen him before in my life.

Being the nice person I am, I went to say hi. As I got close, the person gave me a blank stare and then got up with two cups in his hand. He must have had a rough night or getting someone a coffee. However, he felt off for some reason. After he left, I got my new batch. As I turned around, Brandon was standing there. "Hey baby," he said. 

"Mr. Hampton, what are you doing on this floor? This area is for top dogs only." I smirked. 

"As a marketer for the company, there's a meeting I have to attend with the CEO. So, excuse me for invading your space." He said as he took hold of my shirt and pulled me closer. 

"What strength for a tiny man?" I teased him. 

"There's more where that came from, Evan." He leans in for a kiss but whispers in my ear instead. "But first, I need a cup of coffee before I deal with her." 

"Brandon, she can be tough to please IF she's in a good mood. Which she always is. Good luck with the meeting, babe." I waved goodbye as I went back to work. Heading back, I saw Jennie with that guy I saw earlier. "Must be her boyfriend?" I said quietly.

"Who's boyfriend?" a voice behind me repeated. The sudden sound made me jump with fear; I tripped and fell on the soft ground, "goddamn it, Ryan, you can't be doing that to people." I gasped. 

"My bad– didn't mean to startle you, Evan. But you shouldn't be spying on people." 

I explained to him I was not spying; I spotted Jennie with an unknown guy. When I looked back, the guy was gone, and Jennie was staring me down like a hound dog. Fuck… I headed back to the office with Ryan in hand. We got scolded when she walked in. As time passed, people left one by one, and at the end of the day, it was only Ryan and me. Ryan turned towards me, "You should rest, Evan. You have been staring at that screen all day." 

"I'm okay; I need to finish this for our meeting tomorrow with the boss." Evan rubbed his eyes in exhaustion. "You should get home too. It's dangerous for you to be out this late." I yawned.

"My mom does not expect me home until 7, so I am good. Plus, you promised to take me to the scene."

"I changed my mind. When 6:30 hits, you will be going home." I said. 

With a pout, Ryan fixed up his desk. I felt terrible, but it is dangerous now, and we do not need him to go missing. His mother would have my head. I stretch to loosen my muscles before I turn back to my computer. It was eerie when all the day shifters were gone. With just developers and management on this floor, it's scary. The only people left are the CEO, lead supervisor, and me.

As I was bored, I heard a weird noise coming down the hallway. It sounded like a heavy box. That back part is forbidden; nobody can go there, knowing that I went anyway. I looked around and saw nothing until a shadow appeared in my sight. It made me jump back with fear.

I gave myself whiplash when I did that. Anyways, it was probably those damn rats again. I told Kaylee to get this area cleared out. But, nooo… she wants to save money knowing she is a multi-billionaire. After searching around, I found nothing that would make that crash. I'm not too fond of this place. While walking back, I stumbled towards Kaylee's office to see what the big boss was doing. I squinted to look through the tinted glass, but that did not work. So, I put my ear to it. 

"Have you been working hard, Ryan??" her voice mumbled. 

"Of course, you know how badly I want this."

"You should have taken my offer then. The position could have been yours." She stated 

"You know I don't do that, Kaylee. That is cheating and unfair. What would the others think?"  

I took a step back and tried to comprehend what was said. What kind of offer was this?? I placed my ear back on the glass. Kaylee talks about it as the fastest way to get promoted. Shit, if I knew that, then I would climb on board. But Ryan sounded troubled. Out of nowhere, someone tapped my shoulder. It was Kaylee's secretary who came back from break. She gave me a look of confusion as she asked if I needed anything. 

"N-no, not really; I just fell and landed on the glass... you know what? I'm finna go. Bye!" I sprinted back to my office. When I got there, I plopped down in my chair. Who knew Kaylee was sneaking around with Ryan… It could be the reason Ryan got this position in the first place.

 By one in the morning, everyone was gone, even Kaylee. I need to get out here fast before I end up in the basement. As I was packing up, I felt a vibration on my phone.


"EVAN!" Brandon's voice rang through the phone.

"What's up, my mochi?" 

"Another woman got attacked near your house. But she was kidnaped! Babe, just be careful when going home, okay." He said as he hung up. That's two nights in a row. Now, this is getting worrisome.

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