The Wingless Fairy: I'm not a Cannon Fodder

The Wingless Fairy: I'm not a Cannon Fodder

By:  Cherilyn Yap  Ongoing
Language: English
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Everly died. Then, she realized that her world was merely a web novel. In that web novel, she went from a random villager B to a cannon fodder; just because a girl from the 21st century got transported into the web novel. That girl wanted to be the MC and Everly was a stepping stone for her to do that. I'm not a Cannon Fodder! Everly cried to herself. Everly's plan was simple. Save enough money and ran far away from all of these ruckuses. But wait… Did she get transported into a parallel universe?! Why does everyone seem so different from what she had known?! Original MC-The girl that ruled the seven seas… She's now a mermaid that is afraid of water. Villain-The dragon boy who almost killed the 21st century girl… He is actually a nice person. Ok, so now their group have: -A wingless fairy -A mermaid with water phobia -A nice dragon Everly: *forced a smile* Everything will be fine. Just when she thought she finally got someone that she can relate to in the group, a boy that is a random villager in the story just like her! He went from cold, distant but still normal to… "I will be your wings, Everly." "Everly, did he touch you?" Everly swears if she says yes, the other guy will lose his arm. "Everly, can I kill them?" "Everly, don't leave me." Now, their group has: -A wingless fairy -A mermaid with water phobia -A nice dragon -A killing machine vamp/angel boy Everything will be fine. Right?

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Frances Macias
When will you do an update? waiting patiently....
2022-08-10 15:08:20
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Frances Macias
wow..I am really enjoying this story so far. Very fast pase, unique story line. "So Far",I love it.
2022-06-05 22:12:28
29 Chapters
Everly blinked, finding herself in an unfamiliar and strange setting.The sun shone brightly in the sky, yet she did not felt any warmth from its rays.She was surrounded by skyscrapers that she had never seen before, pedestrians adorned in various types of clothing that were alien to her. People walked fast on the street and talked into a tiny rectangular device. Her eyes went over to the large screen that hanged on one of the modern buildings.'Is this how the afterworld looks like?' Everly couldn't help but wonder.Curious, Everly flew near the screen.Yes, Everly flew she was a fairy. But now, she was merely a wandering soul.The only good part about being a soul was that she can fly to wherever she wants even without her fairy wings.She stared at the k-pop idol group that was broadcasting through the screen. Everly tilted her head and watched what
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Chapter 1
Golden rays of sunshine danced through the floor-length window and trickled onto a peach-haired girl, enveloping the girl in a warm cocoon. Birds chirped faintly outside and fresh dewdrops glittered over the wild array of blossoms that peeked above the windowsill. Tiny rainbows danced throughout the dewdrops, flooding the interior of the café with rays of soft color.The pedestrians that passed through the café all wore smiles on their faces, basking in the warmth from the sun’s ray and the chime of the fluttering birds. It was a beautiful morning and could not have been a more perfect Summer day. However, inside the café the peach-haired girl felt as if she were standing in the middle of the North Pole. The blood that ran through her veins had turned ice cold and her body emitted small tremors.“Everly, can I have my coffee, please?Everly’s body continued to quiver, the feeling becoming more intense at merely hearing the
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Chapter 2
 “Please…please don’t do this…no…n-no…No!!!” Everly screamed, eyes flying open. Sweat dripped heavily from her forehead as she took in her surroundings. For a moment she sat there, chest heaving from the still present nightmare. She turned to flick on the lamp and looked around. Safe. She was safe. The silly plush banana on her bed lay haphazardly on the floor near her floral-patterned curtains, thrown from her flailing limbs. She reached across to pluck it up and squeezed it tightly to her chest. The nightmare had felt so real, so…present. Everly pushed the covers back and walked to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. She leaned against the sink, finally looking up at her reflection as droplets shimmied down her face. Everly looked over her shoulder, trying to imagine the space where her wings should have been. She bit her lip and clenched her fists as a surge of anger rose in her. She would never forgive Edward for what he had done t
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Chapter 3
Everly honestly did not see this coming.  The other night, she had just made the decision to flee far away from the characters in the web novel and had that goal of hers plastered on the wall in her room. To execute her plan, she needed funds which were why she continued to work hard in her job. She did not expect to be cornered by a group of thugs who grabbed and dragged her into an alleyway. She was on her way back from the grocery store after her shift ended at the café, what could have made the thugs thought she was rich that they would rob her? Is it that expensive ice cream in her bag of groceries? She shouldn't have caved in on her craving for that ice cream. Darn it! But, the thugs were unforgivable. The audacity of assaulting someone in broad daylight had Everly frozen in shock. “Let me go!” Everly cried, finding her voice. Her grip tightened around her recycled bag of groceries. The spiky-haired thug, who seemed to be th
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Chapter 4
 “Fools!”Edward threw a glass of red wine at a scarred man and the cowering individuals behind him. The man lowered his head, liquid dripping down his shaggy locks. His eyes focused on the carpeted floor and it took all his effort not to show any visible anger.“You couldn’t do one simple thing I instructed, could you? How hard is it to capture a little girl!” Spittle flew from Edward’s mouth as he paced back and forth, chest heaving with rage. There was nothing gentlemanly about his demeanor now.He had planned to come to Everly’s rescue after his henchmen confronted her, but Everly was nowhere to be seen when he had arrived. The men he’d hired had been on their knees wheezing and looking dazed, wiping at their red pepper-covered eyes. Grunting in disgust, he eased their tears away with his magic and turned back toward his hideout.~ ♧ ~The sky was dark by the
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Chapter 5
It's been days since what happened at the alley. Everly couldn't help but worried about the boy she encountered at the alleyway when she was cornered by that group of thugs. When she finished her shift at the coffee shop, she always found herself wandered off towards the alley carefully poking her head around to see if she would by chance bumped into the boy again. Another part of her was also concerned that the group of thugs might catch her again, but as more days passed, she encountered neither the angelic-looking boy nor the group of thugs. Just when Everly thought the boy was just another passerby in her life and that she'll never meet him again, things took a surprising turn.  ~ ♧ ~ Once again, Everly took a side track and decided to sneak a peek at the alley when she was on the way home.  She was taken aback when a little boy crashed into her. "I'm sorry, I did not see you there." The little boy looked a little
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Chapter 6
 The man cursed under his breath, he flew as fast as he could but the twin-tail girl continued to tail him. He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widen.Standing on a white magic circle was a slim girl with snow-white skin and bright round eyes; her peach-colored hair that was tied up in twin-tail danced along with the wind. She stood on the magic circle firmly different from the frail look portrayed by her appearance, her posture was sturdy and her eyes were burning with determination.She looked just like a delicate white blossom, a daisy to be exact. However, like a daisy that looked pretty and fragile, it could thrive in inhospitable environments just like Everly. Everly lifted her arm over her head and then with a quick wave she palm was pointing right at him. In merely seconds, the magic circle that was at her left shine, splitting into three; one on her left, another above her head, and one more on her right. The man sucked in a breath when
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Chapter 7
Everly had no idea how long she had been running, her legs became heavier at each step, panting heavily. Earlier she managed to summon a light paper crane to follow the man with the little magic she had left. Now, she was tailing behind the light paper crane that's leading her down the correct path.  The light paper crane she summoned was another of her light magic spell. It acted just like a tracking device. It was following the trace of magic on the light thread that was left on the little boy's waist. She's currently surrounded by houses, probably in a residential area. She held onto the rake tightly with both her hands, gritting her teeth as she continued to run. When the corner of her eyes caught on something plastered on the red brick wall, her steps came to a halt abruptly and the rake in her hands dropped to the ground.  Everly's golden orbs widen, her mouth went dry as she gaped at the sight in front of her. She felt like a pebble was toss
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Chapter 8
Everly flashed him a smile before she stood up with her legs wobbly. She balanced herself before looking at him once more."This is not the most painful experience I've endured," she muttered, covering her eyes with her long lashes, masking her true emotions.The man cried, charging towards her with another attack, "I have no idea what nonsense you're yapping about but I'm shutting you up!"Everly was ready this time. She side-step avoiding the attack while two smaller magic circles appeared behind the man. With a swift jump, she stood firmly on the magic circles. The magic circles multiplied her speed acting as a smaller version of her flight magic circle and improved the swiftness of her movement. She easily caught up with the man. Everly clicked her tongue, she needed to keep her distance, she was not confident with close combat. The man turned, swinging his leg at Everly with a sidekick. Everly crossed her arm in front of her and ca
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Chapter 9
Blaze, the boy who comes under the dragon bloodline, heir of the hidden yet powerful Dragon's Clan-The Dragon Prince. They're a hidden clan. Even though their clan doesn't have a lot of population, however, all of them were powerful and strong.They also held one of the sacred treasures, the Dragon's Flame. There were four scared treasures, The Dragon's Flame, Light Tiara, Sea Dragon Scepter, and Dark Grimoire.Nobody knew about this but Blaze was actually on a journey to seek the lost Dragon's Flame. Blaze was sent to look for it ever since their clan's sacred treasure was lost. According to the story, Blaze failed to retrieve it, and... he became the villain because his whole clan was massacred.Everly stared at the red-haired boy, the boy noticed her gaze and turned to look at her. She gulped and shifted her gaze, earning a confused look from the boy. Seeing all their attention is on the boy, Everly took gradual steps away from them.Denze
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