Tied up with you forever my love ❤️

Tied up with you forever my love ❤️

By:  Pooja  Ongoing
Language: English
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She left her place, happiness and love for him. But he didn't know anything. He started to hate himself for loved her and love her. So join the story of the lovers who loved each other madly. But fate decided to play with them. Is there love tied up each other again?

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54 Chapters
Shiva Kumar:  He's the successful hardworking entrepreneur. He does what he wants and takes  full responsibility for what he is doing. He is 6.3ft,handsome with perfect body that any girl can mesmerized for him. Shiva lives in a joint family and no one can do anything against his will because he always do right thing.He  rarely gets anger but when it's come he burst out in fraction of seconds. He has two brothers and two sisters. He has 3 promisable friends Arjun, Ashwin, Karthik from childhood more like a brothers and also they are his business partners. Arjun: He is shiva's cousin and his best friend. For Arjun his mother is everything. He has some untold past. He won’t interact with others except his friends. He hate girls for some reasons.Ashwin: He's a funny and crazy one in the gang. He's rich. Karthik: He comes from the middle class family. He loved someone deeply without her knowledge.  (They all starte
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Adamant maa
Shiva's family living their happy Life together. They are too good to get mess inside their family but outside of family they are completely opposite. They are the king in their business, by face lots of obstacles. Shiva is currently working on his dream project. If they are failed to do it.Then it takes another five year to get to participate in that project. The project contains 3 rounds. If they select in all 3, they will be the Asia's best constructor. So they are putting their 100 percent effort on this Shiva's family have belief in horoscope. They discussed every member's horoscope to their family astrologer. After checking the shiva's horoscope, their astrologer said shiva's have to married within a 28 years(within 7 months). Otherwise ,He has to face a lot whichof problems in his which may end his life. After hearing this her mom decided to marry shiva's within a 6 months. Shiva's Point of ViewAfter having a hectic
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Maybe she's the one
It's become 2weeks still Shiva's mom did not talk with him. Their family was literally trying to convince both of them. It failed up. Neither Shiva nor his mom give up on there decision.Shiva's (point of view)I don't know why mom is too adamant. She didn't talk to me or serve me a food. In fact my father came to Convience me, but I didn't change my decision, my thoughts are cut by ring tone. It's from my anna (brother) Vishnu I pickup the call.He asked me to come home immediately without getting my reply he cut off. I think something's wrong.After 20mins travel I went to my home.I was totally shock to see my whole family was there. But everyone was little bit tensed. I saw my Dharani Akka (sister) with my mama( brother in law) too. Her face is pale and worried. I went to her.Akka when did you came?  why are so tensed? its there everything alright, I asked her with concern. But she only give me a angry look.After that my Anna
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Know more about her
Shiva's ( Point of view)I went towards her. She took a girl in taxi and went somewhere. I closely followed her. Her taxi stops infront of the shopping mall and she went into it alone, where that girl wait for her in taxi.She came after 10 mins with some bags. I guessed it's clothes for that little girl. She took that girl into some public restroom and came back by changing the new dress with a clean look.She took her into hospital. I followed her. She went into doctors room and after sometimes she came back. That girl wounds are cleaned and put structures on that. She takes that girl into medical and went towards hospital canteen. All this time she held her closely and console her. I sat on the corner of the canteen.That's When I looked at my father's friend who is doctor he went towards her.. Thats when I realized that this his own hospital. I don't know what they talk but he looks happy to talk with her. Uncle gently caress
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Kind of proposal
Shiva's Point of viewToday I am going to talk with her. But I don't know how I'm going to describe my feelings towards her. I'm not even sure about my feelings for her. But I'm sure it's not a mere attraction. I took extra time to groom myself. I'm wearing light green shirt with blue Jean. I want to impress her at our first meeting. Seriously today I'm behaving like a teenage boy after all this is my first time to propose someone but it's not an love proposal it's an marriage proposal. To be truth for the first time I fear of rejection what if she reject my proposal. My thoughts are cut by my ringtone. Without seeing it I can say it's my idiots. Hey what's up guys? I askedThat's our question what are you doing? Ashwin askedI'm preparing for my proposal now,I saidHey! are you going to your exam or something? Karthik asked teasinglyShut up idiots I'm already nervous, I saidThis is why I said to you numerous time to know
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Unknowingly smiled
Navya's POVI told everything to my friend about discussion I  had earlier.  They are silently hearing silently after a second they started laugh. I looked at them keenly. Hey stop it guys, I yelledNavya are you mad? Why do you give him your mom number? Do you really believe him, how are you so naive girl? Shalini askedIt just I... I... I think he's not lying and he looks genuine, I said this to them. Even I don't know why I believe him. Navya Iam sure he is pranking you. It's not drama  it's a real life. How can all of this  happening at correct time like his horoscope..visit to Trichy...you.., Piya saidPiya is correct Navi.  I agree that he looked honest but I don't think it's logical at allAfter that I didn't talk anything. They tried their best to convince me. But I believe him more importantly his eyes. They are telling that he is true. But I didn't like to argue so I nodded my head as yes
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Family meeting
Shiva's POVAt Saturday night I went to my home with my idiot's. My whole family was there and they discussed something seriously.My mom called me, Shiva tomorrow be prepared at 5.30 a.mI nodded my head. done maaaa... My idiot's are shouting from my back. I looked at them. What do you mean by done maaa? I askedDone means done. The great Shiva doesn't know the meaning for done, karthik said teasingly Yeah shut up guys, we are also come with you Shiva, Arjun said Why are you not satisfied to tease me here??I askedCome on Shiva don't irritated my kids, my maa saidMaaa, are you serious, this guys didn't leave me for past two days. They are Continusingly teasing me without any break, I said Guys don't tease my brother overly. Have some teasing for my sister-in-law also, my
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Liked his family
Navya's POVI'm eagerly waiting for Shiva and his family. I don't know anything about them. Even I talk with Shiva only ones. How his family react with me?? If they like me Or not?? I'm damn confusing. Oh god please help my poor friend she died before meeting that handsome man, said by Piya teasingly. Heyyyy just stop it girls, said by me. Piya please stop your comments and make her ready.  They are here within an hour said by my mom.Shalini please help me to wear saree. I like dark green color, so I choose that. Piya tell me to wear makeup but I don't like makeup at all. I used to  wear kajal, mascara and lip gloss. I'm satisfied with my look. Everyone told me the same.You are beautiful both in and out dear, said by mom.  She kissed me. Now I am waiting for him. After an hour he came with his family. I saw them from my window. They are came from their car. In tha
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Life is so beautiful with her
Shiva's POVWe sat on the bench and I saw her. She immersed in her deep thoughts. I called her name she looked into my eyes. Navya, do you have any kind of past like love? I asked to her. She smiled at meShiva I always have a fantasy about arranged marriage. It's not that I don't believe in love marriage. My mom truly trusted me, I don't want to destroyed her hope and also no one is impressed  me, Navya said. Don't dare to lie Navya. I surely tells you that you have received a lot of love proposals, said by me. Yes shiva, some guys proposed me but they're  not impressed me. I didn't felt anything for them, Navya said Then why are you agreed to my proposal Navya? I asked her. Do you really think you proposed me? Navya asked me teasingly. I didn't replied because I know I just behaved like a mediator who pass the information about my situation. I literally angry on myself for giving a
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Fall for him
Navya's PovIt's become one week that, I talked with Shiva. Yes, after that meet I didn't talk with him. But his whole family  talked with me everyday. I felt very blessed because of him and I'm excited to live with his family. They never once show their status to me. Only thing is I don't talk with his little sister and brother. They're busy with their studies. Shiva didn't call  me and I too. Not because of my ego,I know he worked too hard. So i don't want to disturb him... But in this one week I didn't forget any word's that he told to me. He is amazing. Honestly, if it's not a public place, I definitely hugged him. I eagerly waiting for two more days. Because he and his parents are coming to our home. His parents wants us to get blessing from their guruji. I felt excited to meet him. Oh God, don't make me fall for him this much fast.Shiva's POV        &nbs
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