UNEXPECTED TRIANGLE: In love With The Billionaire

UNEXPECTED TRIANGLE: In love With The Billionaire

By:  Beauty Ets  Ongoing
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Selina Alistair, a young woman in her mid-twenties, has faced more than her fair share of hardships in life. Orphaned at a young age and cast out by her stepfather, she and her siblings were left to fend for themselves. But their struggles only multiplied when they became the target of a deadly assassin. After a narrow escape, Selina found herself in a strange, unfamiliar room, bound and gagged. With only her wits to guide her, she managed to break free and make a daring escape, and along the way, she came across a cold hearted billionaire, Lucas William. What happens when an unexpected events happened and it turned out to be that the Billionaire has something to do with the assassin? Is she safe?

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22 Chapters
Marriage Vow
" Will you, Donatus, have this woman, Juliet, to be your lawful weded wife, and will you pledge your faithfulness to her in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with her and to cherish her according to God's holy ordinance in the holy bond of marriage?" The priest asked." Yes I will!" Replied Donatus." Will you, Juliet, have this man, Donatus, to be your lawful weded husband, and will you pledge your faithfulness to him in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with him and to cherish him according to God's holy ordinance in the holy bond of marriage?" The priest asked." Yes I will!" Juliet replied with a smile on her face." Can the parents of the bride and groom please come forward?" The priest asked and they stood up and went forward as was instructed." Do you freely give your children to each other for this marriage?" The priest asked the both parents." Yes we do!" They replied." Has al
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A Threat
Melody on hearing the scream, stopped on her track and returned to the rest room." Stay out of my business, or else I'll kill you!" Mr Donatus said and Melody gasped and covered her mouth." Please let me...... Let me go." Selina stuttered, struggling to free herself." I am a beast and I won't take it lightly if you keep poking your nose into my business." He said still strangling her." Let me..... Argh! So...m.... Somebo... Somebody help!" Selina stuttered and Melody left where she's standing, and hurried out.She bumped unto someone immediately and fell on the floor." Melody what's wrong? Why are you running? And where's your friend Selina?" Juliet asked and touched her slightly." There..... There...!" Said Melody panting heavily, while pointing her finger at the restroom direction." He.... He.... He want to kill her! He wants to kill her." She added, trying to catched her breath." Want to kill who? Where? How?" Juliet rushed out and Melody quickly stood up and grabbed her ha
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It's A Mistake
Some minutes later, the doctor came out and asked to see Juliet in his office. He assured her that they'll try everything possible to revive her, that she shouldn't worry.Juliet thanked him and left. When she got outside, she met Donatus waiting for her." Mteew!" She hissed and begin to walk to her car. Donatus followed her immediately.She entered her car and shut the door , before he could make any attempt. Juliet accelerated the car and zoom off, leaving Donatus bewildered. He got into his car as well, and followed her. When they got home, the gateman opened the gate immediately and Juliet drove inside; followed by Donatus.She alighted from the car and walk to the house." Juliet! Juliet!" Donatus called as he alighted from his car as well, but she ignored him and went into the house." What is the meaning of this?" Asked Donatus as he followed her to the house.He went straight to the bedroom when he didn't find her in the sitting room. There she was, trying to take off her dre
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A Surprise
Nelson alighted from the car the moment they got home and rushed into the house." Lucy!" He called thunderously as she saw the maid." Sir!" Replied Lucy shaking in fear, with her hands behind her back. Melody walked in at the same time." Is my mother home?" Asked Nelson." Yes Sir, in her room." Lucy replied and he left the sitting room and hurried upstairs.He pushed the door of the room open immediately and went in." Ahhh! Oh yeah! Ummm..... Ba....by..... Ohhhh! Shiitt! Fuuuk..... Ummm....." That's the sound he heard coming from the bathroom, when he entered the room.He needed no one to tell him that it's his mother, making love with her new husband." Wait! What the hell is.......!" He trailed off and stared at the bathroom, then turned away again.He stared at the bathroom again, turned and walked to the door, opened it and walked out." Did you see her? What did she say? How's Selina now?" Melody rushed out and stood up from the chair she's sitting." Are you sure that you'r
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A beast and a demon
Juliet was surprised when she entered the room, but found no one with her husband." Who are you talking to?" She asked in surprise, staring directly at his face." No one, I was just......" He drawled and paused. " Talking to myself." He added." Why? Is everything alright! I heard you mentioning goal, something like that. And being controlled. Who's controlling you?" Juliet asked and furrowed her brows." I didn't say that someone is controlling me. I only said that I'll be in control, you're misquoting me." Donatus said." Be in control of what exactly?" Asked Juliet." Of my business!" He replied sharply. " What do you think I'm talking about?" Donatus asked." Nothing! I just wants to know. I'll be leaving for the hospital." Juliet said." To the....... But..... This supposed to be our time Juliet. I mean....." He's interrupted." You cause this madness Donatus. Don't even bring this up!" Juliet said angrily and the open instantly revealing Nelson with an angry countenance." Mom
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Moment Of Worry
Juliet found it difficult to sleep that night. Her daughter is in the hospital, and his son is trying to set the house on fire." What did I do wrong?" She asked herself and rest her head on the pillow.Donatus who's sleeping, suddenly woke up and tilted his head when he noticed that Juliet was awake." Sweetheart, what's wrong? Why are you sitting like this?" He asked and wiped his face, but she didn't reply." Sweetheart!" He called softly." Yes Honey!" Juliet replied with a sigh." What's going on through your mind? Tell me everything, I'm a shoulder for you to lean on. Tell me what's bothering you." He said and sat up on the bed, then shifted closer to her.He pushed her head gently to his shoulder and begin to rub her back." Why are you so lonely? Is there anything you want me to do for you?" He asked." Not really!" Juliet said and kept her head well on his shoulder. " It's just that I'm worried." She added." Worried about what?" Donatus asked." Worried about my children's a
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The following morning, Donatus woke up and went straight to the bathroom. He took his bath, and dressed up for work.While he's dressing up, Juliet woke up with a yawn and covered her mouth, while trying to sit up on the bed.She rubbed her eyes gently and blinked rapidly, before turning to Donatus; who's walking towards her." Good morning sweetie!" He said and kissed her cheek, then proceeded to her lips." No....no.... no.... no.... I need to brush." Juliet said trying to stop him." No I prefer this than that." Donatus said." No way!" Juliet said and fell on the bed, and Donatus climbed on her. " Stop this okay? Let me brush first." She said with a smile." I don't mind at all, allow me to do what I want." He said and tried to kiss her lips again."No!" Juliet screamed. " It's not good. I won't allow that." She added." Seriously?" Donatus asked and stared directly at her face." Yes!" She replied and nodded, holding his hand." Alright then." Donatus said and pretended as if he'
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His Plans
The following day, Juliet left to the hospital with her second daughter Janet. She's happy when she found Selina, sitting comfortably on the sick bed." Selina!" She called and rushed into the room." Mother!" Selina said and opened her arms, to receive her mother's warm embrace.They hugged happily and it was clearly showed on their face." Come here you little doll!" Selina said to Janet, who's smiling while staring at her.She disengaged from the hug with her mother and hugged her little sister." Hope nobody trouble you at home." Said Selina." No one did." Janet replied." Am glad to hear that." Selina replied. " What of Nelson?" She asked." I don't know where he is, he left the house this morning." Janet replied." To where exactly?" Selina asked." I don't know big sis." Janet replied with a frown." Let's leave your brother and talk about something else. He'll always find his way home when it's time to do so. I want to ask you Selina, what really happened between you and your
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When Donatus got home that evening, he met the whole family already seated in the dining room, ready to take their dinner; and it appears that he's the only one missing." Hi Honey!" He said and opened his arms widely, to receive his wife's hug." Sweetheart, you're back already." She said and hugged him tightly to himself. " I thought you won't make it, I've tried your line severely." She added." So sorry, my phone was silence. Let me see......." Donatus said and brought out his cellphone, and just as Juliet said, he'd 10 miss calls from her, and 15 miss calls from other sources." Oh dear! I've got a lot of miss calls here." He muttered and Juliet drew closer and looked into his phone." Don't always put your phone in silence, in case something happens and someone tries your like line." Juliet said." Am sorry, I won't do that again." Donatus said and placed his hand on her shoulder." Promise?" She asked and looked at his face." Of course!" Donatus replied amidst laughter." Will
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The Vow
When he's done with his bath, Donatus put on a simple dress and went downstairs. He met Juliet sitting alone in the dining. He walked up to her, pushed a chair and sat down opposite her." What's on the table?" He asked with a smile and opened the plate of food. " Wow!" he glanced at his wife, but frowned when he noticed her mode. " Are you okay?"" Yeah! A bit!" Replied Juliet" A bit?" Mr Donatus repeated and picked a fork. " Yeah! I told them about our discussion last night, and they flared up." She said." Hope you didn't mention my name." He looked up at her." No I didn't. But I won't let them control me. I don't want to have a broken home. I want everyone to be peaceful with one another. But since they don't want that, I have no other option than to do it by force as you said." Juliet said and Mr Donatus nod his head." I got a house. Remember I told you that I'm not just going to work, but for that as well."" Yeah! I recall." Said Juliet." The house is safe and securable. It
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