Surviving my mate

Surviving my mate

By:  Mavis Belladonna  Ongoing
Language: English
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Kaydence is the only child of The former alpha and Luna of her pack. At twenty four she has rejected her mate and became the first female alpha. Will her rejected mate win back her heart or is it too late for forgiveness?

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34 chapters
Chapter one
    "Ah fuck." I said in a sharp breath.  The man behind me took my hair in his hands and continued thrusting harder.     "You like that?" He growled.     "Mmmm Elias shut the fuck up and fuck me." He grunted and kept fucking me hard.     "I'm gonna cum Kaydence."I rolled my eyes of course.     "I'm not fucking finnished yet Elias." I felt him grunt as the condom filled. I slid off his dick and looked at him. "Fucking ass I said I wasn't finnished yet."     "I'm sorry Kaydence. Want me to eat you or something?" I shook my head and got off the bed.     "No just go." I wrapped my bathrobe around me.     "Want me to come back later?" I shook my head.     "No Elias I told you this was a one time thing." I rolled my eyes at the man laying on my bed. Sure Elias was handsome but he was stu
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Chapter two
     "Fuck!" I shouted as I accidentally nocked over my coffee. I quickly moved my laptop out of harms way and started to wipe up the coffee with some napkins i kept int one of the desk drawers. "Ugh just my fucking luck." I said as I stood and look at my green dress now wet with coffee.     "Uhm bad time?" I looked up to see Emron standing in the door way looking at me confused. I sigh.     "Could be worse." I say with a shrug.     "How so?" He says shutting the door behind him.     "Could of walked on me getting laid." He chuckled at that.     "Yeah that would be worse. You wanted to see me though?" I nodded.     "This saturday I will be apointing you my Beta. Lucas and Dirge have put in official requests to retire so I will be officially oppointing you and Kyle to take their places." I watch him cross his arms and give me a
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Chapter three: flashback
     "Mom!" I called out for my mom while trying to pick a dress.      "Yes sweetie?"      "Mom can you help me, I don't know which one to pick for this." My father was holding a meeting today with the packs we were allies with. Just the alphas, betas and gammas were coming as well as their mates and children if there were any. It was a party my father threw every summer. This year was differemt though because it was my first year I was allowed to attend since I was eleven now. I would be introduced to the other packs for the first time as well. They all knew my father had a child but it was tradition for whatever reason that children were not introduced until they were at least eleven.Well one pack had been an exception to that rule because my mother was their Lunas best friend.     "This one sweetie. Your father and I are both wearing blue so you can match us." My mom said pointing t
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Chapter four
    "Ah fuck Ethan that's right just like that!" I moaned as one of the unmated warriors rammed himself hard and fast in me. His cock felt so good I was already a mess.     "You like that alpha?" He growled in my ear causing me to cum again.     "Aahh fuck yes!" I moaned. He pulled out and turned me to face him. He crashed his moth down on mine as he lifted me onto my desk and reinserted his cock in me.     "Mmmm alpha your pussy feels so warm and tight."     "Mmm treat it good and I'll let you have it again." I moaned as he continued thrusting into me as hard as he could.     "Tell me what you want and I will obey." The way he said that made me instantly uninterested. Ugh. I just wanted to be dominated.     "Very well, go ahead and finish up." He looked confused but rather than argue he began to work harder and faster making me moan loudly as he did. He came wi
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chapter five
    "I'm coming in you better be clothed!" Amelia shouted through a crack in the door.     "As if you haven't seen me naked before." I say with a groan. She laughed and slipped into my room with a gown hung over her arm. I had my dress for tonights ceremony laid out on my bed as I sat at my vanity in a white slip drying my hair.     "Yeah and it wasn't something I enjoyed." She said setting her gown down.     "Why? Were you jealous?" I say winking at her and pointing to my breasts. She rolled her eyes at me.    "No, you're my sister I don't wanna see you naked." She said sitting down on my bed.    "Eh. Feel free to use anything I have for tonight by the way, and I do mean anything. Jewelry, make up. perfume, shoes I don't mind."    "Really anything?" She asked. I nodded and she squealed. We didn't show how much we appreciated each other through wo
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chapter six: Flash back
    "Kaydence are you ready?" I heard Amelias voice shout through my door.   "Almost." I yelled back. I studied myself in the mirror and frowned. I hated how I looked. I looked at the seafoam green dress I had originally bought for prom with my mom and wished Elstan had liked it. Amelia came into my room and I looked at her as she scrunched her face up.   "What the fuck are you wearing?" She asked putting her hands on her hips. I shrugged and looked back at my reflection. My hair was pulled up into a tight dancers bun since Elstan hated it down. I had no earrings on and no makeup on since he said I looked better that way anyways. The dress was what made me unhappy though. It was an ugly olive green maxi dress that literally hid all my curves because it was a size too big.    "Elstan picked it out." I went to grab my purse so we could go but my best friend held her arm up.   "That's it i'm dra
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chapter seven
    Amelia and I took the elevator down to the first floor, mostly because despite the fact I could walk just fine in heels Amelia was too giddy to want to take her time down the stairs and I was terrified she would trip and fall. She texted Kyle and told him to wait for her by the elevator with Emron. I gave her a reassuring smile and nudge as the elevator doors slid open. Kyle turned to see us and his eyes instantly fell on his mate and the look of pure joy on his face once again made me slightly envious of my best friends.    "Holy shit babe!" He said taking her in his arms. I stayed still wanting them to have this moment to themselves.   "You like?" She asked planting a light kiss on his lips. He nodded.   "Oh yeah." He said pulling her body close to his. It took a lot of restraint to keep myself from rolling my eyes at them. Kyle glanced at me then back to Amelia only to do a double take. &nb
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Chapter Eight
     I roll over and glance at the alarm clock on my bedside table, almost three in the morning. I'm slightly panting and incredibly sweaty. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I roll on to my other side and watch Emron as he catches his breath and disposes of his third condom in the past three hours. I feel sore but I love it and still curl up to him. He looks at me surprised but says nothing. I guess he must be aware I don't usually want to cuddle with anyone I sleep with. He is my first exception.     "Are you alright?" He asks brushing a strand of hair from my face.     "Yes. Are you?" He smiles at me and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck and press by breasts against his chest. His arm wraps around my waist and he pulls me closer. He breaks the kiss and I feel the urge to kiss him again.     "I was just imbetween the legs of the sexiest woman i've ever met an
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Chapter Nine
    I stood in the clearing wearing a bath robe, waiting for Elstan it was almost sun set. Amelia and I had spent the day hiding my more valuable items like my moms Luna dress, some of my favorite jewelry that Elstan didn't know I owned and some photos. I was sure it would be for nothing and by the end of the day I would laugh at myself but something had just told me to do it. I had trained with Emron for a few hours and had taken a nap and eaten to make sure I was well rested and energized for this fight. I couldn't loose I had to win this because goddess only knows what would happen if I lost. I shuddered thinking about it. Elstan finally emerged from the pack house also in just a bathrobe. Images of him naked flashed through my head and I forced them to the back of my mind. A few of the pack warriors were here as well as Emron and Kyle since they were the Beta and Gamma of the pack. The smug ass hole elder was also here and had came to the clearing with Elstan. Els
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Chapter 10: flash back
    "Kaydence?" I didn't look at Elstan. How could I? We had broken up right before summer vacation which was pretty typical at this rate with him despite the fact we lived not far from each other in the pack territory. Today was the end of our first week back at school and I was determined to just hurry up and get to the parking lot. I knew my mom was waiting for me so I focused on getting to her and getting away from him. I was so sick of the make up break up shit. I had decided on my sixteenth birthday I would never give back in to him. A part of me knew the only reason he was interested in me now was because I had developed over the summer and I wasn't going to fall for it. He grabbed hold of my wrist to try and get me to stop. I yanked it away and kept walking as quickly as I could.     "Kaydence please you're being ridiculous just please talk to me." He said again reaching for my wrist and spinning me around to face him. I was so angry I wanted
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