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"Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend." -Bill Watterson "Millions of memories, Thousands of jokes, Hundreds of secrets, Just one best friend." Those are the beautiful things that happened to Andie Fransisco who used to be a midget and was chased by angry dogs that led him to his knight and shining armor, Jaden Angeles. He happened to make Millions of memories that he had never expected he would make. They happened to share Thousands of jokes to each other's warmth. And as young as the night, they happened to dig Hundreds of secrets, which caused their innocent life to vanish. "Best friends forever, right?... " "I'm sorry... I'm fucked up."

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4 Chapters
Third person's POV: “Andie! Where are you? Son? Oh God, where is that kid?” Asked the woman to herself, looking for her son. She has her right hand rubbing her temples as she made her way to anywhere her feet would lead her. “God, where is that kid...” She sighed.Tiredness was traced on her face, showing how managing a small house and six children made her look like an old woman.From a small room inside their small house, a small kid walked. He has his head curiously turning side to side, while his sleepy eyes were looking for his mother. Sleepiness was etched in his face, revealing that he had been laying on his bed, and it made his button nose red. A yawn suddenly escaped from his soft thin lips, as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. He didn't wait any second and he started walking to their little kitchen where his mother's voice was ringing. He was just a kid who didn't mind if some dr
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CHAPTER 2Third person's POV:It was when this morning came, Andie's Mother woke him, earlier as she used to because that day was the day where Andie will be going to his school as a grade 1 student. His mother helped him take a bath and served him his breakfast so he could go with a decent look, just like the other kids who are going to school.“Just wait and I'll get your uniform, Son.” His Mother, Anastasia said. It took her seconds to get the most white uniform inside their dresser. She let her son wear the uniform before helping him slip the buttons, correctly.Andie looked down at his black shiny shoes, as a smile formed in his face; thinking that it's very cool. It was bought by his mother that week. He raises his hands up in front of his face to see if he cut his nails right. After some time, his mother came back with his school ID before giving it to his son. It was a schoo
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  Third Person's Point Of View     11 years later...     Andie's eyes fluttered open for the nth time in the morning, as he stared at the ceiling of his room. How funny that he felt exhausted even though he had just awoken minutes ago. And though his mind was occupied by confusing things, a smile broke out from his face when he remembered one thing.   After minutes of laying on his bed, Andie finally decided to get up, as he immediately picked his phone up. His brown eyes bulged at the sight of the time, telling that he laid for too long and now he'll surely be late. Andie's heart hammered inside of his ribcage, as he hurried up to move. “I'm gonna be late…”   Rushing, he picked his towel near the dresser befor
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Third Person's Point Of View   Inside a little house, there was Andie, busy serving their breakfast and placing them on their little dining table. He was still a little sleepy that time because he woke up earlier than usual to prepare for their breakfast. Since he was just a kid, he wasn't really foreign with doing house chores, he was taught by his mother.   He wiped the sweat that was forming in his forehead, tiredness was evident in his face. He badly wants to go back to his bed and sleep all day, knowing that he doesn't have classes. Nonetheless, he continued to finish them all, not wanting to be scolded by his mother, thinking that he's too old for that scolding thingies.   He cautiously walks towards the stove, and immediately opens it before placing the pan to fry some eggs, like he usually does. As he waits for the pan to heat up, he tu
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