Heat Vol 2

Heat Vol 2

By:  Beyond_my_imagination   Ongoing
Language: English
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After they parted ways, Ashley went back to finish college, which she successfully did before moving forward to achieve her other goals in life. After the summer ended, Ashley didn't hear nor saw Jake, and the feelings she had for him eventually faded away. In her current life, Ashley successfully achieved the role of a magazine editor making her own money and making her parents and even Roger proud. Surprisingly, Ashley was even involved in a romantic relationship with Daniel, the annoying, playboy from her college. Ashley was living a good life, but what about Jake, what is he up to. Find out now by clicking that read button. On fold these chapters to find out how I (the author) brought back the teaser and how he affected Ashley's luxurious life.

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36 chapters
All the students gathered in the auditorium with their blue gowns and caps as widen smiles plastered on their faces. Families and friends gathered with wide smiles and teary eyes as they watched their daughters, sons, and best friends finished a special chapter in their life. Katie and Roger sat at the very front as they cheered as loud as they can when Ashley's name was called. The grin plastered on her face widened as she stood in front of the chancellor before he handed over her certificate while shaking her hand. Katie and Roger stood up applauding for Ashley as she turned towards them before blowing them kisses.She did it... She graduated college... But what now?_______________________Ashley passed around in her apartment located in New York, with her phone wedged between her ear and shoulder, "Anna, I'm telling you, I'm busy, I have to meet up with this photographer," she said as Anna scoffed at the other line, "Fine, but what ab
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Chapter 1
Today was another day, another great and successful day in Ashely's life. Once upon a time, this woman was viewed as the vulnerable stepsister that miserably fell in love with her stepbrother, but now tables are turned. Now, this woman was known for her great success, courage, mental strength, determination, and self-motivation. Now, she was known as Ashely Miller, CEO of the most well-known magazine company in New York City. ______________*ALARM* *ALARM* Ashley opened her eyes as she straight at her white ceil with a blank expression. In her mind roams a million and one things at the same time that caused her to close her eyes and took a deep breath in before opening them once again. "Today is a new day, new goals are being set there is no room for failure, you are beautiful, your mind is beautiful, you are intelligent, you are independent, you are grateful, I am grate
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Chapter 2
Ashley entered the meeting room with David not too far behind as they greeted staff of confused employees, "Good morning, everyone, thank you for coming due to our busy schedule," she said as both she and David took their seats at the very front of the table, "Good morning, Miss Miller," the staff greeted in unison earning a warm smile from Ashley, "Please sit down, guys," she ordered in a gentle tone as they took their seats before giving Ashley their undivided attention.  "I know you guys must be wondering why I stopped all work in the company for everyone to meet up when it's unlikely of me to do so," she said as the employees nodded their heads, "Well, I have some great, big news that I know for sure will boost our company's standard, and I know you guys are here for this," she said as she gestured to all of her employees as their eyes sparkled in curiosity.  Ashley crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair with one arm leaning on the arm of the cha
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Chapter 3
Ashley woke up with an aching sensation in between her legs. Events from last night came flooding back in as she rolled her eyes while letting out a frustrated sigh. Upon feeling Ashley's movement on the bed, Daniel turned in his place before slinging an arm across her covered waist, "Get your arm off of me, Daniel," Ashley said in an annoyed tone as Daniel groaned, "What's the problem babe?" He asked in a deep raspy morning tone as Ashley scoffed, "You know what's the problem, Daniel, I'm tired of telling you to stop f**king me like it's a one night stand," she said as Daniel smirked, "I'm sorry for being so rough on you, baby," he said pulling her closer as Ashely harshly shoved him away before getting off the bed, "F**k your fake ass apologize, Daniel," she said as Daniel sighed before sitting up, "What's your problem, Ashley, most women love rough sex," he said as Ashley shot him a disgusted look, "I'm not like most women, Daniel, and you should know that," she said as Daniel ro
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Chapter 4
Ashley stood frozen in her spot as she stared at her past lover, who seemed to be as shocked as her but manages to keep his cool. David, who seemed to notice Ashley's state, quickly nudges her in the rib before harshly whispering in her ear, "Girl, what has gotten into you, snap out of it," he said as Ashley immediately snapped out of her faze before flashing an awkward smile, "Mr. Leo, it's wonderful to see you once again," Ashley greeted as she reached forward to shake his hand, "Likewise, Miss Miller, I hope this isn't a bad time," he said as they all sat down, "Of course not, I'm delighted to have you and your guest," she said refusing to glance in the direction of Jake, who held an intense stare upon her, which David noticed and raised an eyebrow at, "Oh, where are my manners, this is Jake James, he's one of my best employees, he's responsible for all Starlink's graphic," he explained as he turned to place a hand on Jake's shoulder. "Jake, this is Ashley Miller, CE
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Chapter 5
Ashley entered her office as David closed the door behind them, "I could've sworn Mr. Sexy was behind us when I was escorting Mr.Leo to the elevator, but when I turned around he wasn't there, you wanna explain something to me?" David asked as he crossed his arms with a raised eyebrow, "Why are you looking at me, I had nothing to do with this," Ashley said in a defensive tone as David sighed before uncrossing his arms, "I'm going to get some tea because I can already tell that there's a story and I'm here for it," he said as Ashley rolled her eyes before flagging him off, "Do you want any?" He asked as Ashley shook her head.  Seconds later, David left as Ashley remained in her office with her millions and billions of thoughts that made her feel overwhelmed, "What on earth did I get myself into?" She asked herself as she paced back and forth in her office, "I can't work with Jake, I-I..." She mumbled as she ran her hands through her hair. Suddenly, the door opened reveali
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Chapter 6
PREVIOUSLY... Settling in the tub, a pleasurable sigh left Ashley's lips as she closed her eyes, "God, I needed this," she said as she reached for her glass of wine, but before she could reach for it another hand did, causing her heart to skip a beat as she gasped, "What the f- "Shh, baby girl, it's just me," the familiar voice said as she turned slightly pale. Too afraid to look up, she asked, "What are you doing here?" She asked as he chuckled, "I'm here to help you relax, it's obvious that you're thinking about me," he said as shivers run down her back at the deep tone of his voice, "You miss me, don't you, baby girl?" He asked as she looked up to meet his desirable eyes, "Answer me, Ashley," he demands as he cupped her face.  "Y-Yes, Jake." _________________________________________________________________________ "I had the weirdest dream last night," Ashley said as both she and David walked towards her office deliber
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Chapter 7
Both of out of breath...She's on top of him...Still moving her hips...and he puts his arms around her...With her lips close to his ear...She whispers,"Stay inside me so I can fee your heartbeat,"Jake grunted, tired of all the teasing and time-wasting.He whispered in a deep dragging tone,"You want me, huh, you want me to continue to stretch that tight pu**y out?"A drunken giggle was all that can be heard before Ashley seductively replied as she stared into his ocean-deep eyes."Yes, I want you to remained me why I only call you daddy."______________________________________________________________STUPID!That's how Ashley felt as she fled from the hotel that she had woken up in, but unfortunately, she didn't wake up alone because she woke
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Chapter 8
Ashley never thought that she would break every driving law known to man as she rushed to the airport to retrieve Anna. "Damn, could you slow down!" David exclaimed as he held onto the handle above his chair door while Ashley sped down the highway."F**k, F**k, I'm so dead meat!" Ashley said as she slapped the steering wheel, "Calm down, damn, what's the problem anyway?" He asked as Ashley groaned, "I forgot that my pregnant best friend was supposed to fly in today," she replied as David hissed before shaking his head."You're definitely getting your ass chewed out," he said as Ashley groaned before stopping at a red light, "Can I borrow your phone, please?" She asked as David sighed before handing over his phone as Ashley quickly dialed Anna's phone number, before placing it near her ear."Hello-"Excuse me, but whoever you are, you got the wrong number," Anna harshly spat as Ashley went pale. "A-Anna, it's Ashley, look I'm-
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Chapter 9
PREVIOUS..."There for Ashley," he replied as Megan immediately looked up into his eyes. "Ashley, as in Ashley Miller."_______________________________________________________________________"Why are you buying her roses?" Megan questioned as Jake sighed before turning around before walking back into his apartment with Megan close behind."It's not what you think, Megan, I had a business dinner last night, and things got a bit inappropriate," He replied as Megan narrowed her eyes, "What do you mean, things got inappropriate, what did y'all do?" She asked as all her questions suddenly began to aggravate him."I'm a very blunt man, Megan, I don't need to sleep with a woman to make things inappropriate," he replied as they entered the kitchen, "So you flirted with her," Megan accused as Jake sighed, "What's with the third degree, Megan?" Jake asked as he turned to face her, while she s
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