The Bully's Obsession

The Bully's Obsession

By:  Angela Shyna  Completed
Language: English
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SEQUEL OUT!! CLICK ON MY PROFILE TO CHECK IT OUT (SINFUL OBSESSION #2 IN THE BULLY'S OBSESSION) Warning:strong languages and explicit dark mature scenes such as abuse and torture . Read at your own risk "You are completely mine Gracie, your tears , fears, I'm going to completely shatter you until you know nothing else but my name"I never knew how twisted he was until this moment..."I'm n...not yours" I stutteredHis gaze darkened and harderned at my words"I dare you to say that again" he said taking a threatening step closerI opened my mouth but no words came out Next thing i was trapped between him and the wall ,both my hands pinned above my head, my knees weakened by his domineering look"You belong to me! your body and soul belongs to me, I'll mark you again and again......" He whispered nibbling at my throatHow did I get into this? Was there no way out?He'd already broken me ,what else could he expect from a broken soulThis was the guy who took everything from me, my pride ,my virginity and seven my soulShe's a quiet kind and warmhearted average nerdGraciela's only wish was to graduate highschool, go to college and get a good life and if she was ever so lucky find love, but a certain someone seems to hate everything she stood forOr does he?Hayden McAndrew Has been Graciela's tormentor for as long as she could remember but he leftAnd Gracie made the mistake to think it was forever now he was back to make her life a living hell!They say a very thing line exists between love and hate, what if after the line all she found was a dark obsession that consumed her every being ?

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81 Chapters
Chapter one
1Graciela's POVI walked into school with the chilly wind blowing against my cheeks, you know the feeling when you feel that something big is going to happen but you don't know what?Yep that's exactly how I'm feeling right now"Gracie Gracie!" I heard a voice that could only belong to one person call, it was Marilyn , my best friend in Water Bridge High, she rushed towards me in a flurry, I wonder what is up in that  head of hers now"Hey what's up" I greeted with a smilewhich she returned sticking out her tongue"Have you heard the latest?"she hushed glancing aroundI smiled , this was so much like Marilyn, if there was anything happening, she was surely among the first persons in school to know about itI wonder how she does it"What now?" I asked rolling my eyes at the way she leaned towards me"You won't believe it!"Okay now I was getting impatient, what could it possibly be?"Come on Lyn just spit it
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Chapter two
"Hello bunny did you miss me?"I ignored him and tried to move past him but he gripped my arm almost painfully, he still had that stupid smirk on his face that I just wanted to wipe off"What? Let go you are hurting me" I squeaked struggling to free my arm from his hold but he only tighten it even moreIf he had even heard me, he didn't show any indication"Aww little bunny finally decided that she has a voice" he said tauntinglyI gave him my harshest glare but he was totally unaffected "Let me go now" I repeated trying my best to sound firm but failed at it woefully"Let go of you? But I precisely came back only for you ,I've surely missed you all these time" he replied then he roamed his eyes over my body briefly before returning back to my gaze"I must say you grew up these two years but you are still just as ugly as I remembered" As much as I told myself not to be affected by his words it still hurt me, my eyes stung a
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Chapter three
I woke up to the loud blaring of my alarm, my hand lazily reached out to slam it shut, I didn't manage to catch some sleep yesterday nightAll thanks to him...Great!He has even found his way into my dreamsI sat up yawning tiredly before making my way to the bathroom..After a warm shower, I brushed my long brown hair and clasped it in the tight ponytail that I always wore, i stared at my expression in the mirror to see little dark circle under my eyes and a sigh escaped my lipsI decided to apply a little makeup today to cover it up which was totally unlike meWalking back to my room, I snatched my glasses from my reading desk along with my books and made my way downstairs....***********************************I heard voices discussing before I finally came into view....Mom and Ashley were discussing something, when I came to view a smile lit up her face..."Morning mom " I said making my way to the breakfas
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Chapter four
I stared at myself in the mirror and saw a girl with brunette curls, dull gray eyes , i let out a sigh , why couldn't I just be skinny like those cheerleaders , maybe some one like Brittany? I was more on the curvy side and my boobs were a little bit fuller than others deciding to pack my hair in a loosed ponytail i inserted my ear pods , my outfit looked okay to me for a casual evening strollIt was getting dark outside but It was also quite boring alone at home, the thought just made me wished that that had more siblings the neighborhood was completely safe only my mom think otherwise... I entered into my favorite restaurant to grab some refreshment, I was halfway into my glass of orange juice when the door opened and some people entered, I didn't pay any mind to it until I heard a very familiar voiceI turned around and nearly spilled my drink, it was Brittany the head cheerleader and some other of the popular circle but they weren't at the cent
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Chapter five
5Today was Monday, i kept wishing today wouldn't come but wishes don't always come true.....I didn't sleep well since Saturday, the vision of Hayden driving me to an orgasm kept replaying in my head , shame couldn't describe how I feel...Perhaps I should just fake an illness and ditch school today? But for how long? sometime or the other I would have to see him unless I transfer to another school which didn't sound like a bad idea right this moment....I grabbed my books and made my way down the stairs, I didn't think I could stomach it so I decided to skip  breakfast"You are so quiet, are you all right?" Lyn spoke up on our drive to school"I just didn't grab enough sleep"It wasn't a lie, but I totally wasn't alright, not when the car came to a screeching halt.....My stomach was cramped with nerves right now, I took a breath to steady myself....As we walked inside I felt as if I was been stared at, I turned my
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Chapter six
I leaned down to him, I looked down and for the first time noticing the huge tent in his trousers , i felt so disgusted and humiliatedMy hands shook badly as I opened the flyer of his zip...His free cock suddenly sprang out and slapped against my cheeks, he must have found it funny because the corners of his lips quirkedMy eyes widened in sheer horror , it was so huge, thick   and very rigid ,angry veins ran from the edge to the tip, the tip was glistening with some slimy liquid...No...I couldn't do this ...I won'tHe noticed my hesitation and snapped"Now! Or i swear I'll make your life a living hell!"I slowly brought my fingers to touch it and it twitched badly against my hand taking me by complete surprise..."Now lick it like you do to an ice cream""Hayden p...please""Now!!"A sob of humiliation escaped my lips as I brought my tongue over the tip  , a hissed escaped his mouth and i wondered if h
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Chapter seven
7As much as I didn't want to see him nor speak to him I still needed my phone back which was inside my backpack..It was lunch break now and I sat at our usual table along with Jasper ,Lyn and Clarissa but I was completely absent minded, I kept thinking of how to approach him for my stuff,perhaps I should just leave it with him?So far today he hasn't hasn't done anything ,I just felt his unflinching stare continually during the two classes I had with him...I probably should meet him when it was still quiet busy, I don't want to be completely alone with him ever again, I still couldn't get over what he'd done to me yesterday....The bell sounded that lunch break was over, the cafeteria started to get empty as students began to head out"Bye, see you both in class" Clarissa said gathering her stuff followed by Lyn who shot me a little smile before accompanying Clarissa"You were so quiet, are you okay?" Jasper asked"Of
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Chapter eight
"Ashley mentioned that a boy dropped you off the other day?" Mom asked breaking the silence, I almost choked on the food i was chewing, I shot Ashley an accusing look which she returned with a smirk"You don't need to look like that, you're going to turn eighteen in a few weeks, I'm just bothered that you have very little social life  , you barely even hang out with your friends these days is everything okay with you?"I wanted to tell her that i wasn't, that I have a cruel ,sick manipulative bully who just wouldn't stop but I didn't, instead I replied with a slight smile"Just busy with school work that's why" I replied instead"So about the boy? What's his name ?"Why wouldn't she just drop this?"His name is Hayden McAndrew and mom we aren't friends" I say standing up from the dinner tableI thought I saw something flash across her gaze , and did her face seem to get a little paler?, I was probably mistaken
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Chapter nine
I woke up with a pounding headache, it was precisely because I didn't get enough sleep last night, he has even found his way into my dreams to torment me.....I looked like I had survived a war, dark smudges were under my eyes , my eyes looked dull and my face was awfully pale...Before yesterday my room was my safe haven where I could cry, console myself whenever he had hurt me...But he destroyed it last night when he broke in....I still remembered when I first saw him, it had been back then in middle school , I was only eleven and he'd been thirteen, he was the new boy with beautiful green eyes who had just moved to town and everyone had wanted to be friends with him.But he always stayed by himself quietly, almost all the girls in my class had a crush on him and I wasn't exemptedI had also wanted to become his friend just like everyone else, on that fateful day in the cafeteria i could still remember vividly, i hadn't been watching where I
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Chapter ten
I skipped going to school yesterday  feigning an illness , Today I didn't have to fake being sick, I think I really caught the flu this time, a small part of me was glad that I actually have a solid reason for skipping school today which meant I wouldn't have to see him.....I felt like never going back to school and even move entirely a new town where I would never have to see him again"Are you sure you can stay home alone?you don't need me here with you? " mom asked looking at my form on the bed with a doubtful expression"I'll be fine mom, you can go to work and if I need anything I can just ring you up right?"She nodded with a smile"Then I'll be leaving, breakfast is downstairs, be sure to eat and take your medicines okay?"I nodded and closed my eyes as she walked out of the room....I didn't realize when I slept off but it was almost noon when i opened my eyes...I tried lifting myself from the bed but I was just too
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