The Alpha & The Harpy

The Alpha & The Harpy

By:  S. S. Cunningham  Ongoing
Language: English
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All is fair in love and war. Especially with Lady Nox's twin daughters; Seraphina and Sephora are about to turn 18. As nobility of the Raven Clan of Harpies, they must do their duty and secure a match. Eligible bachelors from other Harpy Clans will be arriving. Once bound to be betrothed, it will

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1. Times of Change
Chapter 1. Times of Change   “Seraphina,” It was the youngest twin, Sephora, who spoke.  It was the early morning and the sisters’ were getting ready to head down to the kitchen for breakfast so Sephora was sat in front of an ornate, twisting, vanity table made with dark wood combing her long black straight hair. “We turn 18 next week! Isn’t it exciting?” Her beautify, pale, icy blue eyes held nothing but the pure excitement of an innocent child. Glimmering with possibilities, as she beamed brightly at her sister older.  It was only by their eyes that the twins could be told apart at all. In every
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Chapter 2. The Raven Queen
Chapter 2. The Raven Queen    Carrying an instantly recognizable sense of confidence and purpose which blended; that unmistakable click, click, click of heels hitting the gray marble floor rang out loud echoes from the caverns hallway.    They came from one prominent figure; a gorgeous lady who radiated an aura both immensely regal and all the while, unsettling to bone chilling degrees.    Her hair, the shade of shadow, was worn in an exquisitely crafted spiraling braid, ending at the back of her head. At the front was a petite black woman's hat, barely distinguishable from her hair as dark as the night itself. At the front of the little hat rolled a, black beaded, mesh veil with only just covered the bottom of her cold, black and calculating eyes.    Such dark hair, eyes and clothes; such dark and distinguished features contrasted so distinctly against her skin, - as wh
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Chapter 3. Gathering of Harpy Clan Chiefs
Chapter 3. Gathering of Harpy Clan Chiefs       Lady Nox walked forward; stopping at the threshold, as she smiled and perused those individuals contained in the room. Despite keeping her eye’s to the floor the servant girl could still see the smile clear as day in her peripheral vision.  Had this servant not seen it herself, she would never have believed anyone else… that the Raven Queen actually had the ability to smile! Most of the servants gossiped about her being born without the ability to smile at all.    “If you wish to serve me well, girl,” The Raven Queen said this so quietly through her smiling teeth, that no one else in the room caught it, “you will remember to never run… and certainly never overtake, or keep me waiting.”     At that moment she looked straight at the servant girl and lifted her chin so to meet the girls eyes’ as she noticed the Raven Queen h
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Chapter 4. Lord Easton: Eurasian Eagle Owl Harpy
Chapter 4. Lord Easton: Eurasian Eagle Owl       Lady Nox smiled politely and curteously. She tilted her glass towards the young servant girl, whos name she made a noted point of never learning, as the Queen's gaze shifted to this younger and less perfect Raven Harpy something dark and ominous flickered and flittered across her black beady eyes.    This sent a chill up the spine of the servant girl.     Neither the dark glint skirting across the Queen's eyes, nor the quivering - even as breif and momentary as it was - escaped from the wise and sharp eyesight of Lord Easton. The eyesight and accuracy of it... of a Eurasian Eagle owl Harpy, was on par with that of a Raven or an Eagle. The only differences, was that owls could see in the dark and eagles and raven's could not distingish things at night as accurately. Then there is also the sharp and cutting intelligence of the owls
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Chapter 5. King's Kindness
Chapter 5. King's Kindness       Sephora had stormed out of her sisters room and had went back to her own.    Bof of the girls were mostly dressed at this point, despite wearing less makup than usual. Due to this, Sephora looked far more stern than usual. Unfitting for her and contrary to her usual demeanor, which all the servants of the house knew her for.    Instead, right now, icy blue eyes burned with a fidged and cold fury; with the force of a mid-winter's blizzard behind her.    While the twin sisters were nothing like their mother, in terms of her cold and collected cruelty, they did share with her a fiery temperament.  While one of the house servants flinched out of Sephora’s way as they met her piercing gaze; like a sharpened icicle. The servant was Lyla, one that Sephora was quite familiar with and even liked. They were of similar ages and for a servant
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Chapter 6. A Perfect Black Diamond Among Us All
Chapter 6. A Perfect Black Diamond Among Us All   After realising that it has been Seraphina who had called, “Lyla?” , lightly, yet authoritatively; Lyla, the servant girl had turned her head back, toward the direction Sephora had initially walked from.    In a comical way, Seraphina had been peeping her head out from her room, it was so comical that Lyla had to really do her best to remain professional and not laugh upon seeing such a sight! After a moment, the servant had realised that the young miss had looked rather upset.    “I thought I had heard you outside.” The older sister of the two had always been Lady Nox’s favourite. A large part of that was how similar Seraphina was in terms of Raven beauty standards; onyx black eyes and hair as black as night, where her sister with icy blue, pale eyes, was treated with far less respect. All the household staff had taken notice. Yet despit
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Chapter 7. Sephora's Storm
Chapter 7: Sephora's StormAt the same time,   Having stormed out of the castle, carved into and out of the pique of the mountain top, Sephora's chest heaved with anger as her head whirled with upset. The entire time she was blinking back tears, and this was mostly what her concentration was on. Her fist were balled by her sides, shaking, so tightly that her knuckles were a peculiar shade paler than she already was.    The younger twin was having to face and confront a whole mix of overwhelming and different emotions.    She had been, and still was, so in her own head that Sephora doesn't even notice Lyla, due to how upset she is! It wasn't just the young servant girl, that both twins enjoyed having around, it was all of the staff she passed in the house.     As she had passed the another two hallways, and turned into the main foya she had anothe four members of staff attempt to speak to her
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Chapter 8. Much is Broken.
Chapter 8. Much is Broken     Since she had been flying just below cloud cover, to hide herself easily from any harpy/ies who may be flying back to the Raven Kingdom, Sephora hadn't noticed the lack of creatures below her at all.     To a human, this might seem a trivial detail. Yet, hawks, eagles, ravens and other such harpy all had some of the sharpest eyesight around. Owls, could even see details in dim lighting, or the complete darkness, where the ravens, eagles and hawks would fail. If it had taken her so long to notice that there was an absence of any movment... of any life... this was wrong.     "This is wrong..." Sephora muttered out loud, to herself. As she continued flying back and forward in a grid pattern, her stomach felt like it was dozens of miles below her, - on the forest floor. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her that something was very off... what sh
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Chapter 9. Something Bloody.
Chapter 9. Something Bloody    With powerful and sure momentum of her black wings, Sephora flew over towards the bloody claw marks indented into the ancient tree; which had been torn in half. Gently she touched one of her fingers against them mark.    Going by the size of this... perhaps there was a bear here? As she considered this further, Sephora looked again at the surroundings and shook her head.    If there was a bear here, it was more likely to have gotten caught up in... whatever, had done this and whatever this was.    For a flitting moment, Sephora gave a silent thought to the bear which likely got caught up in this. Is that what the blood and fleshy chunks were? The heckles on the back of her neck stood up in fear. Though she would never admit it to her mother...    What could eat a bear? Certainly, Sephora was no fool. I
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Chapter 10. The Crimson Blood-Hounds
Chapter 10. The Crimson Blood-Hounds    "Remember the name of the wolf who will defeat you."  Lorcan Whitelaw, had howled viciously at me through his wolf form. It wasn't a battle I had been intending to have to fight. It wasn't even a battle I was expecting to have to fight.    This was- er, had been my Beta.    My second in command.   The one within the Pack who had held my most trust and confidence... the one to whom I had told everthing.     No Alpha ever wants to have to admit it to any fellow Pack member when they have any sense of genuine fear about, well, really any given situation. No Alpha wants to have his Pack believe that they wouldn't have any threatening or harmful sitaution under control.      Yet, the very real and terrifying threat that the re-emergance of the Dark Ones' had brought with it, an ominous cloud of dread for what was
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