Moonlight Warriors (English)

Moonlight Warriors (English)

By:  Chel Aguirre  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What if I turned out to be someone you'd despise the most?" Calista asked. "Then I'll be there to save you before that thing could happen." That was Clyde's promise to his girlfriend Calista before she mysteriously vanished. It never crossed Clyde's mind that a day would come when he would experience love and be truly in love with someone. When he met Calista, his previously chaotic life became suddenly meaningful. But his joy was ended when one night, he found Calista and her parents dead in their home. Another tragedy that came that almost crashed him was the sudden death of his parents. The perpetrator of these murders is thought to be one of the world's most feared creatures: werewolves. Because of these misfortunes, Clyde vowed that he would avenge his loved ones from these deadly monsters. But what would happen if after many years he finds again his beloved woman whom he thought was long dead? What if he discovers that this woman is now the leader of the werewolves he has long wished to eliminate? Will their love for each other prevail if their fate is to destroy each other's life?

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25 Chapters
Prince Joven's fast strides and heavy breathing could be heard in the dark passage of their palace. His sweat was flowing from his forehead as he kept looking back, fearful that the ones behind him had caught up with him.When he heard the voices of the people chasing him, he raced even faster. He crept approached their castle's tower through a tunnel. A tall, spiral stairway appeared in front of him. He climbed it quickly but carefully till he reached a small room. When he entered, he instantly scanned the surroundings for a hiding spot, but the room was empty except for the big dusty bed.His chest yanked when he heard a loud bang on his door. The door was almost smashed due to the intensity of the knock from whatever was behind it. He hastily slid beneath the bed and covered his mouth."I know you're in there, Prince Joven," a woman's voice said. "Why are you hiding from me since you said you wanted to marry me before?"When the prince recognized the owner of the voice, he burst int
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Chapter 1
CALISTA awoke after having a dream about Prince Joven, their clan's founder. The nights she dreams about him become increasingly frequent for no apparent reason. She turned to the bed next to hers when she heard her closest friend Hera grumbling. She was talking in her sleep again. She grinned and shook her head before turning to face Althaia's bed. She was dumbfounded when she realized she wasn't there.Even though it was late at night, she had no worries for her cousin because werewolves were known to roam at such times, especially when the moon was full.She was about to return to sleep when she noticed a shiny object on the table, resting on a cushion. It was her crown. She sighed as she pondered the responsibilities that will befall her as the new queen of their tribe starting tomorrow.(Flashback)Werewolves were cheerfully celebrating the Queen's 108th birthday in the large yard of her home in the heart of the woodland of Montgomery. Aside from the moonlight, lanterns hung fro
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Chapter 2.1
"I DIDN'T mean it."Althaia huddled in the corner of her fiancé Henry's house, sobbing uncontrollably. Even though it had happened a few days ago, the accident that happened that night was still vivid in her mind.(Flashback)Crying and furious, Althaia threw into the tree a deer she had met in the forest. She banked on the poor animal the pain she was feeling. She repeatedly stepped on the dead deer while still in tears. She was very upset because of their Queen Mother's decision that her cousin Calista should be the next queen."Why?! Why?! Why?!" She wept and knelt on the ground.From the beginning, she dreamed of becoming the leader of their tribe. She made every effort to get the queen to notice her. She studied hard, trained tough to be skilled in combat, and became a responsible alpha of her pack. She has spent almost her entire life preparing herself for the throne.She believed that she possessed the qualities of an exemplary leader so she became complacent that she would be t
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Chapter 2.2
"ARE you suggesting that we kill Calista and her parents?" Althaia whispered, afraid that someone might hear her."You want the throne, right?" Henry clarifies. "The only way you can get it is if we get rid of them." "I am not a murderer!""You just killed our Queen Mother, remember?" Henry sarcastically said. Althaia jumped from the sofa onto Henry, who was standing on the other side of the living room, and they both tumbled onto the wooden floor."Yes, you are my mate, but don't forget I am still your alpha," she yelled like a lunatic before releasing Henry, who was coughing and chasing his breath.*****"I STILL can't believe Althaia didn't even show up at Queen Mother's funeral," Hera grumbled as she ate the ice cream she had bought with Calista and her human boyfriend, Marcus.They're now gathered under a tree in the woods, far from the werewolves' area. They decided to stay there for Marcus' safety, as he is having an affair with Hera, who is a werewolf like Calista.Calista th
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Chapter 3
CALISTA was sprinting rapidly while crying uncontrollably from fear and agony. Her father's terrified expression was still vivid in her mind. She wailed as she recalls how Henry savagely lashed out at her father and twisted his neck until his head separated from his body.Even though she's injured and exhausted from running, she could not rest in fear with Henry and his companions getting closer to her. Despite the distance, she could still hear and feel their presence.She came to a halt when someone grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She screamed when she felt the person pinning her to the ground bite her on the shoulder. When she turned around, she saw that it was Henry and had already transformed into a wolf."Grrr!" Henry started growling.Calista pushed Henry with all her might, causing Henry to collide with a large tree. She stood up and ran once more.Henry was overwhelmed because he had been slightly injured. When he heard his allies approaching, he looked behind him. "F
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Chapter 4
HERA feels nothing but hatred as she stares at Althaia from afar. Althaia was standing in the center of the small stage, wearing what was supposed to be Calista's crown. Today is Althaia's coronation day because her fiancé Henry announced that Calista and her parents have moved away because she is incapable of leading their tribe and they are also ashamed to face them. Hera knew that was a big lie.Hera couldn't believe Althaia could still smile in front of their compatriots after betraying her family.Hera and Marcus spent several days searching for Calista in the forest, but all they found was Calista's father's body. They'd almost made it through the forest, but she couldn't feel or smell their friend's presence. As a result, she gained hope that Calista was still alive."Why don't you just let them know what really happened?" said Marcus, who was with her watching the ceremony of Althaia's sitting on the throne.Hera looked at her father who was sitting in a wheelchair, next to he
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Chapter 5
5 years later...MARCUS closed his eyes again when the sunlight hits his face. He turned to the other side of the bed to see if his girlfriend Hera was awake, but she was gone. He sat up in a daze and looked around the room. She was nowhere to be seen.He picked up his boxer shorts from the floor and put them on before going to the sink to wash his face. He looked at his reflection for a moment, thinking about where he and Hera would go next to find their missing friend Calista.During the time they were searching for Calista, Marcus suspected that she might be really dead. But no matter how many times he told Hera, she refused to believe him. She continues to believe her suspicion that Calista is still alive, despite the lack of a reasonable basis.Marcus met Calista and Hera when he was twelve years old. He was orphaned and living in an orphanage at the time. Because of his lack of parents and his age, he was frequently bullied by his classmates. Calista, on the other hand, is except
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Chapter 6
"I AM GLAD to know you know who I am," Clyde said when Callie uttered his name.Callie immediately averted her eyes from Clyde and proceeded to pick up her belongings. Clyde helped her as well."So, tell me, who made you cry?" Clyde inquired as he handed Callie some of her stuff."No one," Callie replied then, started walking to go to her class. She was puzzled when she noticed Clyde was following her. He was still wearing that strange smile on his lips as he looked at her. She halted and looked at him. "Are you following me?"Clyde shrugged slightly and smiled even brighter. "Well, I still didn't get your name."Callie frowned.Clyde smiled and scratched his neck, then took a step closer to Callie. "I just felt it was unfair because you know who I am but I don't know you," he explained. "And now that I mention it, how did you come to know me?" Full of curiosity he stared at Callie. "Well, yeah, I know I'm pretty well-known around here, but the way you said my name makes it sounds like
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Chapter 7.1
THE day had finally come for Clyde. He offered to pick Callie up from her home, but she insisted on meeting him at the movie theater instead.As he gazed at the bouquet of red roses he was carrying, his smile never faded. He can't contain his excitement as he anticipates Callie's arrival.He has dated many women in the past, but none of them were serious relationships. He only agreed to be in a relationship with them to relieve boredom and, more importantly, to meet his need as a man.But there was something strange about Callie that drew his attention. He felt like he had been subjected to magic because he was no longer able to have an interest in other women. He only wants Callie and nothing else.None of the women he met had made him feel intense excitement and nervousness except Callie and that mysterious woman he had seen in the hospital, five years ago.As the mysterious woman returns to his memory, he is reminded of the events of those times.Years ago, because of his troubled f
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Chapter 7.2
"THIS isn't you, Clyde."Callie secretly smiled after hearing Megan whisper to Clyde.Clyde and his friends are in the library right now. They had no idea that even though they were far away from Callie's seat, she could still hear and see them even though they were all hiding their faces behind their books."I thought Callie was the one you'd get in a week? Look at you, it's not even a week and you've already fallen for her," Spencer said."It never occurred to me that Clyde Martin, who used to be chased by women, is now the one chasing a woman," Andrew joked. "What's wrong with you, Clyde? Are you under some sort of spell or something?""Let me straighten out those twisted thoughts of yours, okay?" Clyde said to his friends. "Listen, I'm not chasing Callie. We have a connection, and I can feel it.""If you're not chasing her, why are we here right now?" Spencer asked with a sly grin on his face."I just need to tell her something," Clyde reasoned with his colleagues, "why did you gu
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