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"Why can't I be with her mom?" "She is too imperfect for you!" "But that's what I love about her mom, her imperfection, so please, let me be with her." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For as long as Lily can remember, her family has been servants for the Lockwood's and she vowed to free her family from their cage. Wanting so badly to go to college and the Lockwood's being a well known and rich family, Lily decided to follow in her family's footstep with a goal for herself: work for the Lockwood's for a year, raise money, go to college, get a good job and save her family. But what Lily didn't think of, didn't expect was for the Lockwood's son, Shane, who has been away from home for ten years to suddenly return and for him to claim her heart. Knowing the Lockwood's and their pride, can she be with him?

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13 Chapters
"You sent for me ma'am?" A young brunette walked into a study room, she had a long face, honey colored eyes that will invoke every ounce of passion in one. A medium full pink color lips. She looks thin, her long wavy hair covering the rest of her face, seeming to bury her in her own self. She stood fiddling the hem of the apron she wore on a loose fitting knee level gown. Her head bent as she studied her black leather sandals which looked old with mere looking at it. With one look, one can tell she was trembling. The air condition in the room was moderate but she was trembling and definitely not from cold but because of the woman, sitting opposite her on a sofa, casually sipping her coffee.The woman has short blonde hair, transparent gray eyes, a few wrinkles is seen on her face but she still looked exquisite, graceful with the way she sips her coffee. She was sitting with one leg crossed over the other, dressed in a designer's top and a plain black pants. Her shoe's heels were point
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Chapter one
A young girl rushed into a house in joy with a white envelope, it was her acceptance letter, she has been accepted in her dream school, University of California, she had worked really hard for it, had many sleepless nights because she was studying. As the only hope of the family, she didn't want to disappoint her hardworking mother who is the caretaker of the family. As she shut the door forcefully behind her, she regretted it immediately for the door fell off it's hinges, "Christ Lillian, when are you going to learn to be gentle with this door" she muttered to herself before clasping the envelope under her armpit and gently but with a enough force to lift up the door, she perfectly fixed it into it's hinges again.She looked at her work with satisfaction before taking the envelope from her armpit and ran towards the kitchen. The floor creaked under feet like in horror movies but she paid no mind to it, she was quite used to it. The house looked clean but empty. It has only two single
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Chapter two
"I'm letting you work here because of the history with your family and mine. Your parents are good servants, I have never had a problem with them and I will not like it if I happen to have with you. The rules here will be explained to you by Gina, but most importantly, I will not like to hear a compliant that you aren't doing your job well. I won't be paying you for no reason. Is that clear?""Yes ma'am" Lillian curtsied."Good. One more thing, you will be living in, only the older servants are allowed to leave at night except the head of staff, Paulina, she is the head cook as well. She will keep an eye on you as you are new. Whatever report she gives me about you, I will not hesitate to take action, so whatever you do, make sure it's something you are allowed to do, am I clear?""Yes ma'am.""Your mother will guide you, I don't like things not be done my way, so whatever you are told to do, you are to carry on with it with no complain. I don't tolerate abuse, or fighting or clusteri
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Chapter three
"Lillian?" He tilted his head to the right as his pale gray eyes sparkle in the bright room.Lilly's heartbeat increased when she heard him pronounce her name, it was almost as if he was caressing her skin with his voice. Don't, don't, what the hell is wrong with her, what is she thinking about? She wondered, but she still looked up at him and answered, "yes sir?"Shane scanned her face with his eyes but at the end, he shook his head softly with a soft smile, "never mind. You remind of someone."Her heart was ecstatic at the thought that he might be remembering her, she couldn't stop herself from asking, "who?"Shane looked at her briefly, "not to worry. I'm sure they are looking for you now downstairs, close the door after you" he walked passed her as he spoke.Lilly couldn't hide her disappointment, she thought he remembered her, she must have been stupid. She should be happy that he didn't even get angry at her for standing, lost in thought in his room. Thinking to that, she concea
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Chapter four
The stupid party finally started, with his mother's friends bombarding him with questions, which is what he hated. He had done so as a child, as a teenager and still do as an adult, why do they want to know so much about him?To add salt to his wounds, their sluts of daughters won't even let him be, they are even asking about his private life. Just what is it with them?After managing to have dinner with them and enduring for a few more hours, he excused himself to make a phone call and escaped to the garden but he regretted it immediately he done so. The garden holds memories, especially those he shared with his father and little Lilly, he smiled at his father's nickname for her but he never called her that, he hardly calls her her name.He stood watching the white lilies growing in the garden, they looked so beautiful with the moonlight on them that he was tempted to pluck them. As he thought, he did. He plucked a single lily and brought it to his nose to smell it's enchanting fragr
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Chapter five
Shane opened his eyes at the sunlight on his face, damn, why didn't he close the drapes last night? Well, it was just that the night sky was so beautiful with the twinkling stars and he wanted to admire the view more and might had fallen asleep while doing that.He laid still in his bed, counting the ceiling, lost in thought. A knock on the door brought him back and he removed the duvet and climbed out of the bed. Fixing his feet into his slippers, he walked to the door and opened it. He looked at the maid who was standing there with a slightly raised eyebrow, he had forgotten her name but he is sure Paulina introduced her yesterday.Nora smiled and curtsied while clutching tightly onto the bedspreads she was holding, "good morning sir, breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes."Shane nodded but she didn't appear to be leaving, he stood, seeming to ask her 'anything else?' With his eyes."I need to dress your bed sir, but that's if you are already up" she gulped, not daring to look h
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Getting to the kitchen, he saw Paulina discussing with a maid, he had passed the dinning table and had seen that breakfast is ready, two maids were adding the finishing touches but none of them was the person he wanted to see and now in the kitchen, he couldn't find her either."Good morning master Shane" Paulina greeted when she saw him, causing Nora to look back at him, a tiny blush appeared on her cheeks as she remembered the sight she saw him in this morning.Ah, the blushing maid, Shane noticed when she looked at him but ignored her and answered to Paulina "good morning to you too Paulina.""Sir, is there anything I can help you with?" Paulina asked, surprised to see him in the kitchen."Yes, I'm looking for Lillian, I need her to help me with the studio.""Sir wants to clean it up?" Paulina asked more surprised."Yes.""Madam is with the key, don't worry sir, I would ask her for it when she comes down for breakfast.""I already got the key from mom Paulina.""Oh, then sir should
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Chapter seven
It was getting to the evening when Lilly and Shane finished working in the studio. Satisfied with their hard work, they both nodded and smiled."Finally, it's just as it used to be" Shane commented."Yes" Lilly replied in a dreamy voice as she remembered that faithful day she was carried into the studio by him.Shane looked at her, noticing that she appeared to be lost in thought, he smiled. "I use to think that he was born a painter, but I'm still surprise why he didn't make a career out of it.""Maybe he likes painting just for fun.""I guess so. Considering the fact that he was very good in the business world. He really worked his sweat in that company, only for him to just...leave it" he shrugged. He still can't understand how his father was able to abandon the company he worked so hard for after the divorce. Normally, even if they divorced, shouldn't he still be working in the company?Lilly glanced at him when he said nothing else, seeing his face closed up in a frown, she knew
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During dinner, Margaret looked at Shane and asked, "so, were will you be using as your study? How about getting Paulina to assign Abigail, Julia and Rebecca to clean Eric's own for you?""That won't be necessary mom, as you already know, I cleaned the studio today. I intend using that" Shane replied while picking out bones from his fish."Why would you want to use that? I have been thinking of tearing that place down and then you suddenly asked for the key to clean it and now you want to make it your study?""Yes, I like the peace and quiet there. From there I could hear the birds sing and the sound of the lake.""Oh please" Margaret dropped her cutleries while rolling her eyes, "don't tell me I have to hear that again and from you. Eric chose to put that hut there, according to him because of the serenity and tranquility of the place. The birds singing, the lake clapping, the breeze humming and blah blah blah. I thought he said all those because of his stupid love for art and somehow
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Chapter nine
Days turned into weeks as Shane bought the hearts of the board members. But the more he shows how efficient he is, the more work and problems he finds on his desk for attendance and solutions. He doesn't mind any way, he tackles the ones he can and the ones he couldn't, he calls for a meeting for everyone to put brain together.Margaret was at most the happiest with how things were, if there is one thing she can't take and will do anything to avoid, is someone taking over her hard work and sweat. Seeing how Shane was slowly and eventually became the worthy CEO of Lockwood's Inc and Enterprises, she couldn't express her joy.Shane had no issue with his work life, except for his love life. From the day he returned till now, he has noticed his undeniable attraction to Lilly. At first, he told himself that it's nothing and just how he used to feel for her back in the days. He also believes that he thinks he is attracted to her because it's been long he had last seen her, but after three w
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