Chapter 733 Willing To Do Anything For You

“Actually, there is.” Jin Fengchen nodded in all seriousness.

Hearing him say this, Jiang Sese was rather relieved. This was how a proper collaboration should be.

Jin Fengchen added a small spare rib to Jiang Sese's plate, then added, “Let's go back to the office after the meal and talk. I don't want you to be distracted while eating.”

Jiang Sese said nothing further after that and had her meal in peace.

After eating, the two returned to the office and the secretary brought some coffee. Jiang Sese felt it was now time to get to business.

However, without waiting for her to speak, Jin Fengchen said in a straightforward manner, “Regarding the conditions mentioned in your proposal, I think they’re all very good. I agree with them all.”

His words stunned Jiang Sese for a moment. She stared blankly at Jin Fengchen and asked, “You agree to them all? Are you sure there’s no problem?”

Jin Fengchen found her stunned appearance very cute and plainly said, “Yes, I agree.”

Jiang Sese was n
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Jessica Gainey
Omg this needs to stop already!! Stop being greedy!!! Make her remember and they live happily ever after, if you don’t do it soon then I’ll make my own ending and stop reading it anyway!!

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