Chapter 737 Hypocrisy

Jin Fengchen very quickly saw Fu Jingyun’s appearance at the press conference.

When Fu Jingyun said that the trademark logos were inconsistent, a cold light flashed in his obsidian pupils.

He suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Immediately, he instructed Gu Nian to call the manager who dealt with the winery.

A while later, Gu Nian ran in, out of breath, with the report. His expression bore bad news.

“Chairman, the former manager, Mirandi, who was in charge of dealing with the winery, left a resignation letter and disappeared. People at the company said that he didn't come to work at all today. No one knows where he went.”

Hearing this, Jin Fengchen's clenched his fists tightly. Green veins on his arm bulged.

With a chilling expression, Jin Fengchen slammed his fists on his desk and instructed, “He was most probably involved with the issue with the red wine. Send some men out and find him!”


Gu Nian knew the urgency of the matter and went to work immediately.

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