Chapter 741 Let's Go See Daddy

Tiantian did not understand any of it. She just followed Jiang Sese’s gaze and instantly saw Jin Fengchen.

The little girl immediately exclaimed excitedly, “Daddy! Mommy, is Daddy a celebrity? Why are there photographs of Daddy on the Internet?”

For a moment, Jiang Sese did not know how to explain it to her.

After pondering for half a second, Jiang Sese smiled and said, “Daddy is an important man, but he’s not a celebrity.”

However, the little girl misunderstood Jiang Sese's words.

A cheeky smile appeared on Tiantian’s face. “I think Mommy wants to see Daddy, so let's go visit Daddy and play with Big Brother!”

Jiang Sese could not refuse Tiantian’s request. She was indeed thinking about the situation with Jin Fengchen.

The JS Group had given their response. Now, all that it needed was time.

So long as time gradually diluted things, Jin Fengchen’s company should return to the way it was before.

Thinking about this, then looking at the little girl's smile again, made Jiang Sese
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