Chapter 740 Daddy Is A Prominent Person

A faint smile lingered on Catalina’s face as she watched Fu Jingyun’s probing expression.

Hearing this, Fu Jingyun stared suspiciously at her.

This woman previously said that the pathogen would harm Jiang Sese, but now she was saying that the effect was minimal.

He really did not know what to believe.

Nevertheless, no matter what she said, Jiang Sese’s safety was his number one concern.

Recalling Jiang Sese’s pale face that morning, Fu Jingyun felt angry.

His reply was also a little harsher. “What you say better be true. If anything happens to her, I will have you pay twice over!”

His expression was gloomy and dissatisfied. His eyes sullenly stared at Catalina.

The more upset his glare, the more satisfied Catalina was.

Fettered hearts were the easiest to control.

Catalina raised her eyebrows slightly, her eyes somewhat mysterious. Her glamorous lips curled up slightly as she said, “Of course it’s true. We’re partners, so trust in each other must come naturally.”

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This is a book that never ends it keeps getting weird and annoying to read . There is no feeling of satisfaction and It’s ridiculous so am going to quit and actually began reading other books and other apps that are more gratifying to read! Sorry author!

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