Chapter 15 Having Feelings for a Woman

Five years had passed since then. Jiang Sese thought that she could remain calm and serene when she saw them again.

The truth was that the hatred that she had suppressed for God knows how long was surging and wreaking havoc in her mind.

Her memories flashed in front of her like the replay of an old movie. In her ears was Jiang Nuannuan's shrill laughter: "I was the one who removed your mother's oxygen mask."

"Jiang Sese, I want to ruin you!"

"Dad is mine; the Jiang family fortune is mine; Brother Sichen is mine. You're just a child abandoned by our family…"

Her every word still burned vividly in her mind.

Not wanting to have anything to do with them, she turned and entered the break room.

The sharp-eyed Jiang Nuannuan was distracted when she caught sight of a familiar figure. She blurted out, "That was…"

"Hmm? What's wrong?" Lan Sichen was talking to Li Sheng when he heard her speak. He couldn't help turning his head to question her.

Jiang Nuannuan shook her head and said with
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Duduzile Sikwalyungu
the book is really interesting , hope to see more
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great but I don't have much coins to keep up
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Irenna Tham
hope this novel not like Hidden married end 2000+chapters

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