Chapter 471 Promotion

Yao Yiyi returned to the company. As one would expect, her colleagues greeted her. Apart from that, they also commented on how cruel and unscrupulous Lin Yuan was. How could she bring herself to do such a thing when they were colleagues of the same department? She destroyed the company’s reputation completely.

Yao Yiyi responded mildly, "Thank you for your concern, everyone. I don't really want to talk about Lin Yuan. Let’s leave everything to the police, shall we? I’m not the one who’ll decide whether the police should teach her a lesson before releasing her or lock her up for a few days in prison.”

"Don't worry, Yiyi. The police will punish her in accordance with the law. Her pranks have severely affected your work and personal life as well as your mind and body. I’m certain that she won’t have it easy," Sister Lin said. The moment she learned that Yao Yiyi was the wife of Ou Enterprises’ heir, she had either consciously or unconsciously attempted to curry favor with her. Compared
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