A sister's hatred
A sister's hatred
Author: Kenny

Anny's p.o.v


"When Dave? When." I ask Dave as a drop of tear come out of my eyes as Dave a nice and awesome husband sighs.

"It's OK Anny." He consoles me but I don't think I will ever be consoled.

It's been nine years that I have gotten married to Dave and I have had no child. Not even one. Dave is so nice, if it were to be some other husbands they could have gotten married to another girl.

"I have gotten married to you for nine years." I remind him resting on hips chest as he uses his hand to make me face him by turning my cheek.

"It does not matter Anny. All I know is we will have a child eventually and you will be the one to give birth to that child Anny. I promise." He hugs me as I begin to sob.

"When? When? When?" I ask Dave really hurt.

"At least the doctor said nothing is wrong with any of us. You can conceive." He smiles faintly and I am sure he is trying to console me.

"If I can just give birth to one child. Just one. I will be satisfied." I stand up from his chest and check the time. "Oh my. It's 1:56 a.m." I frown noticing the time.

"And you haven't slept." Dave reminds me then puts me to bed. "Just forget about everything and fall asleep. Forget about your troubles and it will work for you." Dave sleeps close to me as I smile.

"I love you honey. You are the best." I close my eyes.


"Wake up Anny." Dave's voice wakes me up.

"Why?." I ask him already awake but I still want to know why he woke me up.

"I am going to work." He replies me smiling.

"Work? Why?." I ask him a little annoyed.

"Why can't I go to work?." He chuckles. "You're so funny." 

"But I thought you were the CEO.   You were the one that built that company so you can say when you want to go to work and when you don't want to." I stand up from the bed and walk up to him standing at his front.

"Well I need to know how much they're gaining in the day." He says faintly.

"Hey, remember when I was crying yesterday because I had no child?." I sigh then smile. "I mean today."

"Yes." He replies me

"You know the reason why?." I ask him knowing he will not know the reason.


"Well,that is because you don't have my time. You just go to work in the morning and come back in the night." I turn to look away from where he is knowing really well he is going to grab me back and he did grab me back.

"But I need to work to get money for our children." He tells me grabbing me closer to him by grabbing my waist.

"How will you get a child when you don't even have time for you wife?." I ask him smiling.

"So what do you want my awesome wife?." He asks me as I put my upper teeth on my lower lip. "I know what you want honey." He kisses me on the lips.

"Why not start now?." I ask him faintly.

"OK." He pushes me to the bed as I smile.

"Come on." I lye flat on the bed.


"You did not go to work today." I remind him.

"Oh that was because my wife wanted to spend some time with her." He reminds me and I enjoyed it a lot.

"Will you go to work tomorrow?." I ask him smiling.

"Yes I will." He replies me then goes to the room.

"I will prepare lunch for you Dave!." I yell.

"OK!." He yells back.

I go to the kitchen close to the sitting room but is just blocked by a small line.

"What would you like to have Dave?." I ask him and his surprised by his silence.

Why did he not reply me? His he gone out?.

"Dave!." I call out his name.

"Dave." I call out his name again getting afraid a little.

Has he gotten kidnapped? Did he fall asleep and died in it? Oh lord,please don't take my husband away from me.

I open the door of our room gently expecting to see a kidnapper with gun and has tied Dave and I also ready to tie me but I was wrong. I saw Dave with a earpiece in his ears and dressing.

"Dave." I call out to his name but he does not answer me. It seems like he does not even know I am there.

I walk to to him and tap his shoulder then he turns to look at me.

"Oh, hi honey." He removes the earpiece from his ears. "When did you come?." He asks me making me feel so annoyed at him.

"Yesterday." I reply him looking at him very angry. "I asked you what you wanted to eat but you did not reply and made me feel so afraid. I had a lot in my head. Had my husband be kidnapped. Has my husband die..." He uses his finger to cover my mouth which I have never seen happen to me before, I have only sewn it in televisions.

"Your husband will never be taken away from you." He assures me. "Only when he is old and has grandchildren already, that is the only time he can be taken away from you. Get it?." He asks me faintly as I nod then he kisses me on the lips.

"Now what would you like to eat?." I ask him really happy.

"Some macaronis Anny." He replies me softly. "But before that, I wold like to say something to you." He sighs looking worried.

"What happened?." I ask him noticing his look.

"Well,um,you know the hospital I built?." He asks me as I nod. Well he is a doctor and has lots of hospital.

"Which one?." I ask him. How would he expect me to know the particular hospital. He has lots of em.

"The one I built last year." He sighs. "Demolished."

I gasp really socked because he spent ten million dollars on that hospital last year and he has not even gained up to ten million dollars from that hospital,  he has only gained six million dollars from it and now it has demolished. He did not make a gain but just loss. Why did he even build the hospital?. 

"What happened to you? Are you crying?." He asks me as I shake my head.

"I will prepare some spaghetti for you." I tell him walking away.

"But I said I want to eat macaroni." He reminds me looking at me like I committed a crime.

"Oh sorry honey." I smile nervously not sure of why.

"Are you sure everything's OK?." He asks me looking surprised at my action.

"Oh Dave love. Everything's OK." I assure him smiling.


Why am I behaving so weird? What happened? Oh I know what happened,it was because Dave's hospital fell down. He is not even as concerned as I am.

I serve the macaroni in his plate.

"Dinner is ready!." I look at the time.

Oh my, am I stupid,this is just 3:51p.m and I am saying dinner is ready.

Dave comes to the dinning table wearing a black suit and a black trouser.

"Are you going out?." I ask him looking at him from head to toe.

"I am going to my mother's place." He tells me. His mother is sixty eight years old. She gave birth to eight children. Dave is the last born. She is so unlucky.

Her first born a girl. Hally became a renounced criminal, could not do without committing a crime. The second born a boy. Jolly,dies in a car accident.

Her third born. Billy killed her husband and five police men so he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Her fourth born Hilly, a girl kidnapped a baby,killed the baby, cooked the baby and ate the baby so she was sentenced to death by hanging.

Her fifth born,Lenny. A girl , Lenny was a very brilliant girl but was killed by Darryl.

Darryl was her younger brother also a criminal.

The seventh born Jimmy. Raped his mother,his best friend. A two years old girl and a seventy years old woman so he was sentenced to death so Dave is her favorite child.

"But won't you eat?" I ask him as he just sigh.

"I am not hungry."

"OK, please greet her for me." I smile as he walks away.

"Oh,how I pity that woman." I sigh

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Gift Odulesi
I love the story. the beginning looks interesting.

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