Six: Shocked

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"Cousin?" I asked Freya once more. Sam had excused herself to hang out with some dude. We were definitely not going to have a proper talk with her this night, that was for sure.

"Yeah, Brad is my cousin." She shrugged like it was nothing when it was definitely A BIG THING!

"And you never told me?" My forehead puckered into a frown.

"I didn't feel the need to. That's why I don't like him." She chuckled. "I kinda wanted you to like him for some reasons." She shrugged.

"You guys never even talk or any thing like that." I raised a confused eyebrow at her.

"Yeah, the problem is that my Mom and His Dad are siblings but there happened to be a family fued… blah blah blah… we don't talk." She took a glass of juice from the tray a waiter was holding.

"Oh," I muttered.

We both had our seats then my eyes scanned the whole party and landed on Brad's glorious self. Seeing him alone made my heart do multiple back flips and I hated it for that. Wasn't he supposed to be so annoying to me? Why the fuck did I have this stupid crush on him?

Well, for some shitty reason, Adalyn happened to come with him. Wherever Adalyn was, Stacy was always there and vice versa. So they were both around him with a few of our school mates. Wasn't this party supposed to be for family members only? Why the fucking crowd?

"Freya," I called and she hummed her response. "What's it with Adalyn and Brad? Why's she always with your 'cousin'." I air-quoted the word 'cousin'.

"Well, I dunno. Like I said, there's a family feud so our families don't really know much about one another." She said then took a sip of the guice.

"Hm." I nodded.

Brad was really distracting me without doing any fucking thing and it was damn annoying. He was just so beautiful and annoying.


The party was almost over and was extremely boring, like Freya had expected. The good thing was that I had Freya by my side but she mostly left for some families' things. It was probably only a few minutes till the party ended.

"Excuse me, where's the restroom?" I asked Freya. I just felt the need to take a pee at the moment.

"Restroom?" She raised an eyebrow. "Does it look like I live here?" She laughed. "I don't know. Ask anyone."

"You're so mean," I groaned then got to my feet, finding my way to the restroom.

After a few minutes of escaping the crowd, I finally found a restroom and I rushed into it.

There was a large space which contained sinks to wash one's hands and other boring things. Then, there were subdivisions to six small bathrooms. I opened one of the six doors to a small bathroom, shut the door then I sat on a toilet seat and started my business.

I had my phone with me and was responding to the email of a few people that had seen my painting in one place or the other and were asking me to paint for them. I also needed to arrange my weekly schedule because I had to dance at five places this week; I also needed to sort a few things in the restaurant. It was very tight to fix my fucking schedule.

It wasn't the right time but I started pondering and using applications to think of ideas of things to draw so it could be easier for me when I was going to actually draw it with my beautiful hands.

*Hi Bella Thompson, I'm sorry but I'll be transferring you to a new Master. I don't think your assistance is needed with Mrs Brianna anymore.* Mr Bones, the man that was in charge of appointing maids to people, texted.

*What?! No way! She pays highly, please don't do this to me.* I pouted, furrowing my eyebrows and hit the send button.

*I'm sorry, it's not my decision.* He replied.

I felt like going over to Mrs Brianna and yelling at her for sending me off, give her a piece of my mind. She paid me so well, how could she just send me?

*Who's gonna be my new Master?* I texted him back.

*I don't know yet. I'll let you know when I find you a new Master. Sorry.*

"Fuck this annoying Mr Bones that looked like a fucking Grim Reaper!" I groaned. Seriously, he always had a grim expression on and it scared me so bad.

I was literally fired from my part-time maid work so it meant I had to work extra to earn more money. I needed to go to a good college as well as take care of myself, and also support my family. Shit, life was so hard for me.

I only remembered that I was still on the toilet seat so I placed my phone on a random place, cleaned myself up. Just when I was about to rise to my feet from the toilet seat, I heard a sharp ripping sound as it passed through my ears.

My whole body froze, I blinked multiple times before my brain got the chance to process what had just happened. "No, no, no!" Don't tell me this gown just ripped? I ran my hands behind me and traced the long line that exposed bare skin. It was a cut from towards my neck till just above my butt.

How in the world did that happen?! I didn't apply any force to it or any sort of shit like that! "Gosh, why did Freya have to make my gown so fucking tight?!" I wailed and whimpered.

I picked my phone then went straight to dial Freya's phone number. When she didn't respond to my call, I dialed Sam's number. I remembered that Sam was hanging out with some dude so I doubted if there was any way she was going to answer my call, yet I hoped she was.

As cliche as it may seem, Sam's phone was switched off. "Fuck!" I muttered to myself.

I opened the small wooden door of the bathroom then peeked out. I stealthily walked out of that confined space then hurried to lock the main door to this restroom.

I heard a sound coming from one of the subdivisions of the bathroom and a smile spread my lips apart. I could possibly ask whoever it was for assistance. Great!

I rushed to the small wooden door then gave it a slight knock with a bright smile on my face. My smile didn't last after the fifth knock and there was no response. How the heck could anyone be so ignoring?

I walked to a basin then washed my hands clean. I returned to the door that maybe  contained a human. I huffed then leaned against the thin wall between the two bathrooms, folding my arms across my chest while whistling, waiting for whoever the fuck it was to be done.

After I waited for… uh… maybe forever? Yeah, after waiting for forever, the doorknob turned and the door was flung open.

With a smile on my face, I jerked away from the wall and stood straight, bumping into the person. My smile slipped right off when my eyes landed on Brad who had earphones on his ears. Why was it Brad in this bathroom?!


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