Chapter 1024 Just This Once

Fang Yiming turned to stare at Fang Cheng for a long time, before taking a long sigh. He then said in despair, “He knows everything.”

That came out of nowhere and puzzled Fang Cheng. “Know what?”

“The matter with the SA Group.”

Fang Cheng was shocked. “What? How…how did he find out?”

“We asked him to collaborate previously. He also has contact with the SA Group,” said Fang Yiming.

Fang Cheng then recalled the incident. He slapped his thigh and cursed. “How could we have missed this? It's over. If the board of directors finds out, we’re doomed!”

Fang Yiming smirked. “Doomed? I’m still useful to him. He won’t do anything to me.”

Fang Cheng was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Fang Yiming sat down in his executive chair, closed his eyes, and told Fang Cheng what Jin Fengchen had wanted him to do.

After hearing it, Fang Cheng was still a little uneasy. “So, this means he won't tell Fang Yuchen about you for the time being, right?”

Fang Yiming nodded. “For the time being, but I can't
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