Chapter 1030 Is She Your Girlfriend?

The next evening, the atmosphere at the charity dinner was very lively.

Not only were many major celebrities invited, but many big shots from various fields were also in attendance.

Jing Liuyue walked on the red carpet with a beautiful woman in tow. He wore a diplomatic smile on his handsome face, even though the flashes from the cameras surrounding him did not cease.

The host asked Jing Liuyue several interview questions, and he answered each of them before walking into the hall with the woman.

"Do you remember what Pierce looks like?" Jing Liuyue whispered to the woman next to him.

The woman nodded. "Yes, I do."

Jing Liuyue smiled satisfactorily. "Don't let me down."

"Don't worry, I'll succeed."

Jing Liuyue and the woman wandered around the hall, but they did not find Pierce.

Was Jin Fengchen mistaken? Perhaps Pierce was not supposed to come?

Just when Jing Liuyue was pondering, he heard someone shout, "Shangguan Qian and Shangguan Yuan are here."

Jing Liuyue tu
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