Chapter 1033 Caught Him

Since Pierce refused to leave, Jing Liuyue angrily raised his hand to slap the woman.

With a swift reaction, Pierce quickly stopped him and scolded, “It’s ungentlemanly to hit a woman!”

Jing Liuyue glared at the woman that hid behind Pierce and shouted sternly, “Come here.”

The woman bit her lips and kept shaking her head with teary eyes.

An affectionate desire to protect the woman grew in Pierce when he saw her face.

“She won’t go back with you. Stop bothering her,” Pierce told Jing Liuyue.

Jing Liuyue never said a word. He gave a long fierce glare at the woman. Without a choice, he left with anger.

No one noticed a subtle mischievous smile appeared on his face the moment he turned away.

After Jing Liuyue left in his car, Pierce turned his attention to the pitiful woman. He told her, “He’s gone. Go home now.”

“I don’t have a home,” the woman said, crying.

Pierce and Shangguan Qian glanced at each other. In the end, Pierce brought the woman back to the hotel.

Jing Liuyue cal
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