Chapter 1031 Pincer Attack

Fang Yuchen did not expect to run into Shangguan Yuan at the gala.

The duo was stunned when they noticed each other.

Fang Yuchen was the first to snap out of his daze as he spoke with a gentle smile, "What a coincidence."

Shangguan Yuan smiled back at him as she said, "Indeed it is."

"Are you here alone?" Fang Yuchen asked when he did not notice anyone with her.

"Nope. I came with my brother," Shangguan Yuan replied.

Fang Yuchen nodded. After remaining silent for a couple of seconds, he bluntly asked, "Can we have a conversation together?"

Perhaps he was worried about being rejected, so he added, "A gala like this is way too boring now and besides, I feel a little exhausted today and I shouldn't be mingling with them, so…"

Shangguan Yuan understood what he meant before he could finish. All he wanted was to use her as some sort of deterrent.

However, it seemed Shangguan Yuan was bored too. Although she knew everyone here, she did not have any strong relationships with any of th
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