Chapter 1034 Eavesdrop

The criminal evaded his gaze. He still gave no response.

No matter what Fang Yuchen asked, he pretended to hear nothing.

Without a choice, Fang Yuchen had to leave him alone. He chatted with Sir Chen shortly, then left the police station.

On their way back, Fang Yuchen sat behind. He frowned as he stared at the view outside the window. He thoughtfully said, “It looks like that kid won’t simply confess his crimes. Fang Yiming must have given him instructions.”

Song Yao also frowned.

“Then what should we do?” he asked.

The most urgent matter then was to make the kid admit his ties to Fang Yiming.

If the kid persistently denied it, then it would become a headache.

Fang Yuchen considered carefully, then instructed, “Go investigate the kid’s family background.”

Song Yao nodded. “Alright. After I send you back to the company, I will look into it.”

Fang Yuchen nodded and did not say anything else.

At Fang Group…

Fang Yiming had gotten the news that his man had been caught. He fu
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