Chapter 1214 We Are Not Married Yet

She was back!

Shangguan Qian immediately called Fang Yuchen and learned that he was already on his way to the airport.

He hung up the phone and turned to look at the clock on the wall. It was just after eight o'clock.

He did not know when she would be home.

“Young Master, aren’t you going to the airport to pick up the Young Miss?” asked the butler.

“No.” Shangguan Qian sat himself down on the couch and smiled mockingly. “She wouldn’t want to see me and it would be even more troublesome if I were to show up.”

He might as well stay at home and wait for her to return.

It was close to ten o'clock before Shangguan Yuan came home.

“Welcome home, Young Miss.”

When the butler saw Jin Fengchen following Shangguan Yuan from behind, his eyes widened in surprise.

Was that not Chairman Jin?

Why was he with the Young Miss?

Nevertheless, he was just a butler and dared not ask further. He could only suppress his curiosity and carry the luggage upstairs.

“This is my house,” Shangguan Yuan
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goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
Also why would yuanyuan even want him? He’s not the man he used to be after what she did to him. He’s not powerful and has no money. He is just her puppet now.
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
Omg put an end to all yuanyuan bs and call mr and mrs Jin and have them go see Fengchen and his children!! He will remember the

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