Chapter 1219 A Tree Has Its Bark, People Have Their Pride

When Jin Fengyao learned that his eldest brother had returned to the Capital, he immediately postponed everything on his schedule and headed to the Capital on his own.

When he arrived at the Fang house and saw Jiang Sese, he hurriedly asked, “Sister-in-law, what's the situation now?”

“He’s at the Shangguan residence now.”

Jin Fengyao frowned. “Are they unwilling to give him up?”

Jiang Sese frowned as well. “They are unwilling.”

“This won’t do. He is my brother, and your husband. We must get him back.”

Seeing that he was anxious, Jiang Sese persuaded, “Fengyao, don’t worry, my uncle is currently thinking of a plan.”

When she mentioned this, Jin Fengyao suddenly recalled something.

“I think I know what your uncle is planning.”


“The Fang Group has suspended all cooperative projects with the Shangguan Group. This has dealt a severe blow to the Shangguan Group.” Jin Fengyao conveyed what he had seen on the news to her.

Jiang Sese frowned. “But the suspension of projects
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Jessica Gainey
Dont worry everyone, this author fills these chapters with a lot of unnecessary stuff, but Fengchen and Sese are back together in about 20 more chapters.

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