Chapter 1220 Your Heart Still Aches

She was about to walk over.

Shangguan Yuan rushed in front of her at this time, arms outspread to block her path, and shouted, “Jiang Sese, have you not caused enough trouble?”

She was scared.

Jiang Sese was even more sure that Jin Fengchen was in the room behind her.

“That's my husband.” Jiang Sese said, “Even if you hide him and prevent me from seeing him, it will not change the fact that he is my husband.”

Shangguan Yuan sneered in disdain, “He will just get a divorce.”

“Of course, you can get a divorce, but the documents are all with me,” Jiang Sese said in an unfazed manner.

Shangguan Yuan was silent. She stared at Jiang Sese unhappily.

“Yuanyuan, let it go, he really doesn't love you,” persuaded Jiang Sese softly.

She tried to use this method to get Shangguan Yuan to reflect on what she was doing, and to realize how ridiculously wrong she was.

“No, he loves me!” Shangguan Yuan retorted.

Jiang Sese nodded, “I admit that he may love you now, but that is not real. It is t
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