Chapter 1370 Subvert The Truth

“Grandma, why would you want to see him?”

Shangguan Qian knew very well that even if she went to see Jin Fengchen, things would still be irreversible, so why bother?

"I want to ask him to his face, whether he still has a conscience?"

A gloom took hold of her heart, and Madam Shangguan closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and held it, "I can't just watch Yuanyuan be wronged like that."

"Grandma, do you think the Jin family would let Yuanyuan go?" Shangguan Qian asked.

"Why not?" The Old Lady glared at him, "Unless they no longer want their reputation."


Shangguan Qian still wanted to persuade her, but before he could finish, she interrupted: "Enough! Don’t persuade me. The most important thing for you now is to do everything possible to rescue Yuanyuan."

Since she had said so, Shangguan Qian could not say anything more, and could only respond, "Okay."

"Prepare the car and accompany me to the Jin residence."

After speaking, the Old Lad
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