Chapter 1372 I Must Get Out

Shangguan Yuan refused to stop making noise, so the police contacted Lawyer Jiang to have him advise her.

As soon as she saw Lawyer Jiang, Shangguanyuan couldn't wait to say: "I want to see Jin Fengchen!"

Lawyer Jiang looked up at the policewoman standing on either side of her, and sighed heavily, "Miss, he doesn't want to see you."

Shangguan Yuan didn't believe it, she murmured: "You are lying to me. How could he not want to see me? He obviously loves me very much."

"Miss, can you be more clear-headed? He has returned to the Jin family and is no longer the former Jin Fengchen."

"No, no..." Shangguanyuan shook her head, "He has divorced Jiang Sese, and he promised that he will come back to me."

Attorney Jiang couldn’t bear to tell her the truth, seeing her so desperate.

But without telling her, she will continue to clamor to see him.

Long-term pain was worse than short-term pain!

Lawyer Jiang took a deep breath, "He and Jiang Sese are not divorced."

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