Chapter 1377 Cut Of Her Thoughts

Perhaps it was due to his innate ability, but work was much smoother than Jin Fengchen could have imagined for himself.

As long as he was at the Jin Group, he became the swift and decisive Jin Fengchen again.

“Mister Chairman, we have encountered problems with this project. If we were to continue, we may suffer losses.” The project director lowered his head, his hands clenched into fists uneasily by his sides.

The project he was referring to was in a file that was being read by Jin Fengchen.

Jin Fengchen looked it over carefully, raised his eyes to look at the project director, and said in a deep voice, “Stop the project immediately.”

The project manager raised his head and looked at him in surprise. “Mister Chairman, if this project is canceled, wouldn't our preliminary preparations go to waste?”

“It’s just temporary.”

Jin Fengchen closed the file, calmly stated the resolution plan, and then said, “Go back and adjust the budget to fill in the gaps, and relaunch after everything
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