Chapter 1427 Turn The Tables

“Jin Fengchen has always been someone who does not reveal his expression. We should be cautious.” Crimmings said.

No matter what, they needed to secure this project in Jin Fengchen’s face.

Nothing else would give him the same pleasure!

Shangguan Qian looked back at the stage, a dark look in his eyes, “Of course I’ll be careful.”

The tendering officially began. The host on the stage gave a briefing of every aspect of the project.

After the presentation, each of the companies began to tender bids.

“300 million!”

“400 million!”

“500 million!”

The bids were all above the ten million mark, and the atmosphere was intense.

“Bro, should we put in our own bid?” Jin Fengyao asked Jin Fengchen softly.

Jin Fengchen nodded lightly.

Jin Fengyao immediately raised his placard and shouted loudly, “1 billion!”

The sudden jump from 500 million to 1 billion shocked the other companies present, and they could see the Jin Group’s determination.

It would seem that the Jin Group w
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