Chapter 1469 Investigate Someone For Me

After finding out that the loan did not come through, Jin Fengyao could not be bothered about his day off and hurried to the office to inquire about the situation.

“Lin Xiaoxiong collaborated with Crimmings?”

“Yeah.” Jin Fengchen loosened his tie with one hand.

Jin Fengyao laughed, but his eyes remained sharp. "After working together for so many years, he still chose someone else. Lin Xiaoxiong is really something!”

He emphasized the word ‘something’ particularly strongly, enough to show how dissatisfied he was with Lin Xiaoxiong!

Seeing that his brother was still working calmly, Jin Fengyao took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He calmed down and then asked, “Brother, did you expect this to happen?"

The corners of Jin Fengchen's mouth twitched. “When I saw Crimmings at the golf course that day, I had expected this to be the outcome.”

“Do we just leave it like this?” Jin Fengyao was reluctant.

Lin Xiaoxiong knew that the Jin Group was in need of funds, yet, he turned around an
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