Chapter 1471 Double The Interest

Nearing the end of the workday, Gu Nian came to report that the Asia Pacific Bank was willing to continue to cooperate with the Jin Group.

“However…” Gu Nian paused and looked a little hesitant.

Jin Fengchen raised his eyes and glanced at him. "What's wrong?"

"They are willing to give us a loan, but at double the interest.”

Upon hearing the words, Jin Fengchen was stunned. “They really said that?”

“Yes.” Gu Nian nodded. "They were very firm about it. Perhaps… they know that the Jin Group is in urgent need of a loan and took advantage to strong-arm us.”

“Is that so?” Jin Fengchen smiled coldly. "It then depends on whether we can actually go through with it."

“Then, we have no choice but to abandon the collaboration.” Gu Nian let out a sigh. “Apart from the Asia Pacific Bank, the other banks were very vague and gave ambiguous answers. If we can’t get a loan, the company’s projects may not be able to continue smoothly.”

Jin Fengchen pondered for a moment. Then, he asked, “Gu Nian,
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