Chapter 1475 Pranked

Jin Fengchen chuckled and put away the painting. "We have picked the gifts we needed. Let's go back to sleep."

Jiang Sese walked out holding the box and headed downstairs gently.


Jiang Sese was startled by the sudden familiar voice from the silent surroundings.

She looked up and saw Master Jin.

She quickly turned around and looked at the box clutched against her chest. Her heart jumped up to her throat.

Upon seeing her turn her back to him, Master Jin frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Sese turned her head, and replied, “I can't sleep, so I got up to take a walk. Why aren’t you asleep yet, Father?”

"I'm thirsty and wanted to get a glass of water."

"Oh, then you go ahead.”

Master Jin thought that she was acting weird. So he stepped forward and asked curiously, “Sese, what’s that you have in your hand?”

“I… Nothing.”

Jiang Sese smiled awkwardly and could not help but curse herself. What had possessed her to go on this ‘treasure hunt’ with Fengchen!

This was just gre
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