Chapter 1477 This Is Suspicious

“Why would he meet with a car accident suddenly?” Jin Fengyao frowned. He could not help but feel that something was fishy.

Asia Pacific Bank had just given a loan to the Jin Group when Li Shushen met with a car crash.

Were these two incidents connected?

The more Jin Fengyao thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. “Bro…”

He had just spoken when Jin Fengchen cut him off. “I know what you’re going to say. Before I arrived, I already sent Gu Nian to go investigate.”

“You think this is suspicious too?” Jin Fengyao asked.

Jin Fengchen’s eyes narrowed, “In terms of a conspiracy theory, perhaps someone is unhappy that Li Shushen had agreed to give us a loan, so they acted against him.”

Jin Fengyao mumbled for a moment before saying, “The only people who would be unhappy are Shangguan Qian and Crimmings.”

“Don’t speak of things we’re not sure of yet, in case someone hears us and it brings trouble.” Jin Fengchen looked pointedly at Master Li, who was wiping his t
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