Chapter 1509 All A Ruse

Lisa took his silence as an admission, and she felt excitement rise in her heart.

She clenched her fist and hesitated before she asked carefully, “Then, can we remarry?”

“Of course.”

Bo Gelian answered readily, and Lisa was so excited her hands were trembling, “Are- are you serious?”

“Lisa, why don’t you go home first. When I’m done here, I’ll go back and remarry you.”

“No!” Lisa immediately refused. “I want you to come back together with me and remarry me! If you cannot go back now, I can wait for you.”

Bo Gelian looked at her, his gaze was deep and it obscured his thoughts.

Just as Lisa thought he might refuse, he slowly said, “Sure.”

Lisa’s heart finally came unstuck from her throat, and there was a smile on her face that came from her heart.

This trip to Jin City was the best decision she had made in her life.

After Bo Gelian had agreed to remarry her, she no longer had any thought of Jiang Sese. Her entire being was focused on Bo Gelian.

She was looking forward to the
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