Chapter 199 Watch Their Movements

At the hospital, inside a ward...

After the doctor gave Jiang Sese an examination, he said, "Young Master Jin, there are no major issues with Miss Jiang. She was just a little agitated and emotional. She will wake up soon."

Jin Fengchen nodded and sighed in relief. Judging from Jiang Sese's behavior earlier, he was worried that she wouldn't wake up any time soon.

He stood beside her, looking at her pale face. Recalling what had happened at the party, he couldn't help frowning.

"What had happened? What caused such a big reaction in her?"

He didn't stay long in the ward. When Jin Fengyao, who had been waiting outside, saw his brother, he asked, "Brother, how is my sister-in-law?"

"She's all right." Jin Fengchen then asked, "What about the party?"

"Lan Sichen and Jiang Nuannuan have left."

How could those two dare to stay at the party after everything that had happened?

Jin Fengchen's expression turned dark at the memory of the party. He said coldly, "Find out who gave them the i
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Lynnette Wilcox
This story is way to long , it has been drawn out so long ....... parts are incorrect or too much detail on unimportant subjects . The storyline is good just too long

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