Chapter 203 Giving in to His Kiss

Grandpa Qin was in a good mood, so he asked, "Young lady, you have quite strong feelings for my grandson, don't you?"

His sudden question caught Jiang Sese off guard. Her cheeks turned red. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

The old man laughed and continued, "Since you're already together, when do you plan on holding your wedding and giving Xiaobao a steady home?"

It wasn't easy for his grandson and great-grandson to meet someone they liked. He was also satisfied with Jiang Sese, which was why he was giving them a little push. His future granddaughter-in-law was so outstanding after all! He was sure that many men were after her. He had to get them together soon and remove all worries.

Xiaobao was thinking the same thing. He blinked at Jin Fengchen, and then at Jiang Sese. "If Daddy marries Auntie Sese, wouldn't that mean I'd get to see her every day? That'd be great!"

His words nearly made Jiang Sese spit out the rice she had just put in her mouth. She wanted to tell the
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Estelle Britz Niem
When is the next chapters due please? I REALLY would like to read the ending
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Estelle Britz Niem
When can we expect the rest? Please!!!
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Earlier Mabruky
this book is addictive more chapters plz

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