Chapter 207 Eliminate Her

Su Qingyin woke up in fear and came face-to-face with her mother. She leaned into Mrs. Su's embrace and started weeping.


Mrs. Su, who had never seen her daughter like this, was scared out of her wits. The commotion even alarmed Mr. Su upstairs.

After some sobbing, Su Qingyin told her parents everything.

"Dad, Mom… I didn't do it on purpose, I swear."

Mrs. Su frowned and immediately comforted her. "Don't be so quick to cry. Maybe Jiang Sese is okay! Let's go to the hospital and check on her first."

"But, Mom, if anything happens to her, will Fengchen…"

"Will Fengchen make me pay? Will Fengchen not want to see me for the rest of his life?" These thoughts made Su Qingyin's tears flow again.

"What's the point of crying? Enough. Go and get dressed. You have to face this sooner or later." Mr. Su scolded her.

He got up and gave Mr. and Mrs. Jin a call. It was clear that Jin Fengchen adored Jiang Sese. If anything happened to that woman, Jin Fengchen might very well make Su Qin
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But if that child is their own grandchild they would!
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More chapters please!
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author, when r u going to upload? I'm going crazy here

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