Chapter 206 Drag Her to Hell

Jin Fengchen's worried expression remained unchanged throughout the car ride. He never saw this coming.

"What if something happens to Jiang Sese? What should I do if she doesn't wake up…?" He was full of regrets. "If I hadn't brought her here, this wouldn't have happened."

He sped to the hospital, running numerous red lights. When he got there, he carried Jiang Sese out of the car.

He brought her into the ER and waited at the door.

The attending doctor came out after examining Jiang Sese and explained, "Mr. Jin, don't worry. Miss Jiang has a mild concussion and some external injuries on her skin, but she's fine. We have already moved her into the ward. She'll wake up tomorrow."

After hearing his words, Jin Fengchen leaned against the wall with his eyes closed. He let out a sigh. His high-strung heart finally settled back in place.

"Luckily, she's fine.

"Thank you, Jiang Sese. Thank you for staying alive."


Nearly an hour later, the police officers and the driver involved
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