Chapter 314 I'll Only Take This Woman

Over on the other end...

"Just drive through."

Su Qingyin told Wei Ziheng as she looked at the red light a short distance away.

"Qingyin, no matter what a rush we're in, we have to follow the rules. We can't put our own lives at risk," Wei Ziheng said gently, hoping that she would listen to him.

"If I don't get there in time, I'm just doomed," mumbled Su Qingyin.

Wei Ziheng couldn't hear her clearly. "Qingyin, what did you say?"


Wei Ziheng frowned, asking, "Qingyin, has something happened to your cousin?"

Su Qingyin didn't answer, but suddenly held his hand. "Ziheng, you'll help me no matter what, won't you?"

"Y...yes." Wei Ziheng hesitated a little.

Her demeanor made him somewhat uneasy.

He took her hand in his and asked gently, "Can you tell me what happened? I can help you better if I know what this is about."

"I..." After much hesitation, Su Qingyin still didn't tell him. She only said, "Ziheng, you've got to help me."

The traffic light turned green at that
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