Chapter 317 Confronting the Suspect

Jiang Nuannuan started to scream with a shrill voice before Lan Sichen could finish his sentence. "Lan Sichen, are you crazy? How dare you? Telling me to confront the suspect!"

"Nuannuan, this is the only way to prove that you're innocent."

Lan Sichen wanted to persuade her but she just interrupted him. "No! I don't want to do that! If I go and confront him that will mean that I admit that I'm culpable."

"Nuannuan, I know it wasn't you. I'll go with you. Is that okay?" Lan Sichen tried to persuade her with a nice attitude.

"If Jiang Nuannuan doesn't want to go, we can bring the suspect here."

Jiang Sese was the one that said it. She stared at Jiang Nuannuan with coldness coming from her eyes.

The expression on Jiang Nuannuan's face changed when she heard that. She stared at her with hatred. "Jiang Sese, don't ever think that this is going to incriminate me."

Jiang Sese raised her eyebrows and said indifferently, "You don't want to go because apparently you are afraid of somethin
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