Chapter 316 He Really Is Still Thinking about Jiang Sese

"He's busy?"

Jiang Nuannuan smirked. "If you ask me, he just doesn't want to see me at all."

She said those words grumpily. Shen Shulan was about to talk to her when Lan Sichen walked in.

Having heard what Jiang Nuannuan said, he didn't look very happy, but he still suppressed his irritation, saying, "I'm here, aren't I?"


Jiang Nuannuan gave him the cold shoulder.

"Sichen, you're here."

Shen Shulan welcomed him warmly.

"Hello, Aunt." Lan Sichen smiled at her.

"You know Nuannuan has just lost her baby and it makes her grumpy. Please don't be offended."

"I know."

Lan Sichen had thought a lot during the past few days when he had been absent from the hospital.

Only after they lost the baby did he realize how abominable Jiang Nuannuan's temperament was. Before, she had always acted so gentle and mild.

But now, she was throwing tantrums all the time, blaming everything on Jiang Sese.

The truth was that he missed the time when he had been with Jiang Sese.

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