Chapter 39 Living Together

Jiang Nuannuan's words made Jiang Zhen frown. "It doesn't matter. We can talk when she returns."

They would only get a clear explanation after meeting with Jiang Sese.

Displeasure flitted through Jiang Nuannuan's eyes. She knew better than anyone what her father was like; he was someone who prioritized profit above everything.

If there was truly an unexplainable relationship between Jiang Sese and the Jin brothers, her father would surely find a way to bring the former back home.

How could she let this happen? Never. Everything in their home belonged to her and her alone, and that included Lan Sichen.

She had spared so much blood, sweat, and tears to drive Jiang Sese away. She would never let Jiang Sese make a comeback.


Jiang Sese slept through the night peacefully at the villa, where she woke up to a sumptuous breakfast on the dining table the next day.

Xiaobao blinked at her and said in his childlike voice, "Auntie Sese, do you have any plans after breakfast? Can you take me o
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